Everything in the world exists in order to end up as a book.  -Stéphane Mallarmé

New Young Adult Titles

YA'S          JULY     2019
Title Call #
We Walked the Sky Fiedler
Spin the Dawn Lim
The Endless Lake Hunter
River of Fire Hunter
Patron Saints of Nothing Ribay
Lost Stars Hunter
The Final Battle Hunter
Shifting Shadows Hunter
Light: a Gone Novel Grant
The Empty City Hunter
Skyclan's Destiny Hunter
Tallstar's Revenge Hunter
Crookedstar's Promise Hunter
Island of Shadows Hunter
Moonrise Hunter
Secret Soldiers 940.5486 Janeczko
Don't Date Rosa Santos Moreno
The Rest of the Story Dessen
I Love You So Mochi Kuhn
Hot Dog Girl Dugan
Positively Teen 305.235 Morgan
Finding Yvonne Colbert
Reflection, a twisted tale Lim
Sky in the Deep Young
Angel Thieves Appelt
Satellite Lake
Natsume's Book Friends, vol. 5 Midorikawa
Natsume's Book Friends, vol. 6 Midorikawa
Natsume's Book Friends, vol. 8 Midorikawa
Natsume's Book Friends, vol. 10 Midorikawa
There's Something About Sweetie Menon
Road Tripped Hautman
Love from A to Z Ali
Behind the Scenes!!, vol 01 Hatori
Snow White with the Red Hair Akiduki
Kamisama Kiss Suzuki
One Piece, vol. 13, It's All Right Oda
One Piece, vol, 17, Hiriluk's Cherry Blossoms Oda
One Piece, vol. 15, Straight Ahead!!! Oda
Behind the Scenes!! Vol. 02 Hatori
Behind the Scenes!!, vol. 03 Hatori
Kamisama Kiss, vol. 7 Suzuki
Kamisama Kiss, vol.12 Suzuki
Kamisama Kiss, vol. 18 Suzuki
Mirror in the Sky Knorana
My Ideal Boyfriend is a Croissant Dockrill
Pan's Labyr!nth Toro
Shadow and Bone Bardugo
Sadie Summers