They're book addicts.  -Lemony Snicket, The Miserable Mill

New Children Titles

E Books Call#
Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! E Willems
Pig the Pug E Blabey
The Book of Mistakes E Luyken
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo E Garcia
Monkey Brother E Auerbach
Wade's Wiggly Antlers E Bradford
Precious and the Boo Hag E McKissack
The Wishing Foxes E MacDonald
Mine! E Mack
Pete with No Pants E Watkins
Double Take!:  New Look at Opposites E Hood
Sweet Dreams Curious George E Platt
Curious George Museum Mystery E Meier
Back on Track Easy Amerikaner
Meet Starlight Glimmer Easy Belle
We are family Easy Belle
Meet Spidey Easy Cho
I am an amazon warrior Easy Korte
Meet the heroes Easy Korte
Drive to win Easy Marsham
This Beautiful Day E Jackson
Me and You and the Red Canoe E Pendzwol
Flowers Are Calling E 582.13 Gray
Hannah Sparkles: A Friend Through Rain or Shine E Mellom
The Fog E Maclear
Another Way to Climb a Tree E Scanlon
Whose Moon is That? E Krans
Mighty Moby E Young
Hello Goodbye Dog E Gianferrari
Jack-O'-Lanterns E 394.2646 Peterson
Charlotte the Scientist is Squished E Andros
Trains Don't Sleep E Rosenbaum
Little Excavator E Dewdney
King Arthur: The Story of How Arthur Became King E Edwards
Puppy Mudge Wants to Play Easy Rylant
Puppy Mudge Takes a Bath Easy Rylant
Pinkalicious: The Pinkerrific Playdate Easy Kann
J Books Call #
Everything Robotics J 629.8 Swanson
Hot Wheels J 629.22 Green
Transformers J 688.7 Green
American Girl J 338.7 Green
John Deere J 338.7 Green
Lego J 338.7 Green
Cyber Spies and Secret Agents of Modern Times J 327.12 Lassieur
Dancing Bees and other amazing commnicators J 591.59 Lindeen
Judaism J 296 Marsico
Islam J 297 Marsico
Valley of the Golden Mummies: a giant cemetery J 932.2 Owen
Red Cloud: a Lakota story of war and surrender J 978.004 Nelson
Total Baseball J 796.357 Kortemeier
Total Volleyball J 796.325 Monning
Little Author in the big Woods JB Wilder McDonough
Wonder J Palacio
Holly Farb and the Princess of the Galaxy J Wronski
Orphan Train Girl J Kline
Legendtopia: The Battle for Urth J Bacon
Monsters Unleashed J Kloepfer
King Flashypants and the Evil Emperor J Riley
A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting J Ballarini
The Little Mermaid: Metaphrog J Metaphrog
Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing Eye J Del Rio
The Land of Stories: Worlds Collide, book 6 J Colfer
Icebreaker J Tanner
The Apprentice Witch J Nicol
The Trail J Hashimoto
Bean Stalker and Other Hilarious Scary Tales J White
The Unwanteds: Island of Dragons J McMann
Ruby Star J Lytton
Grill Master: Finger-Licking Grilled Recipes J 641.5 Omoth
Mini Wearables J 745.594 Felix
Cool Battery & Electricity Projects J 621.3078 Felix
Super Simple Experiments with Forces J 531.113 Polinsky
Arthur: Brothers and Sisters 791.45 Arthur
Arthur: Binky Goes Nuts 791.45 Arthur
Arthur: Big Brother Binky 791.45 Arthur
Arthur: Hooray for Health! 791.45 Arthur
Arthur's Travel Adventures 791.45 Arthur's
Home 791.43 Home
The Sandlot 791.43 Sandlot 
Trolls 791.43 Trolls
Storks 791.43 Storks 
A Stork's Journey 791.43 Stork's
J Audio books
Boston Jane, 5 discs J Holm
Scorpion Mountain, 11 discs J Flanagan