They're book addicts.  -Lemony Snicket, The Miserable Mill

New Children Titles

E Books Call#
Flat Stanley and the Bees Easy Houran
I Got Next E Peoples-Riley
It's Good to Have a Grandma E Macdonald
Make Forst Faces and Mud Monsters E 745.5 Kington
You Are My Friend E 791.4502 Reid
The Evil Princess vs. the Brave Knight E Holm
Ball & Balloon E Sanders
Butterflies on the First Day of School E Silverstro
A Tiger  Like Me E Engler
Squeak! E Kvasnosky
The Rhythm of the Rain E Baker-Smith
Trucker and Train E Stark
Animal Habitats: search and find E 591.7 Hutchinson
A Stone Sat Still E Wenzel
Dancing Hands E 796.2092 Engle
The Many Colors of Harpreet Singh E Kelkar
Halloween Tree E Montanari
Once Upon a Goat E Richards
Snowmen at Halloween E Buehner
Pick a Pumpkin E Toht
The Promise Basket E Richardson
As Warm as the Sun E McMullan
Looking for Yesterday E Jay
ABC Ready for School E 302 Delaney
Welcome to French with Sesame Street E 448.3 Press
Welcome to Spanish with Sesame Street E 448.24 Press
The Secret Life of the Skunk E 599.76 Pringle
This Book of Mine E Stewart
A Friend For Dragon E Pilkey
The Seekers: The legend of the silver fox and the fire wolf E Panicker
Goldilocks for Dinner E Montanari
Lili Macaroni E Testa
The Scarecrow E Ferry
It's a Field Trip, Busy Bus! E Shaffer
Hundred-Year Barn E MacLachlan
Song of the River E Cowley
Plant a Pocket of Prairie E 583.73 Root
One North Star E Root
Prairie Boy: Frank Lloyd Wright E 720.92 Rosenstock
Two For Me, One For You E Muhle
The Lost Forest E 917.7604 Root
Alfred's Book of Monsters E Steed
Small World E Mercurio
Key from Spain: Flory Jaboda and Her Music E Levy
Trains E 385.37 Barton
J Books Call #
Battle for the Zephyr Badge J Johnson
All Fired Up J Johnson
Secrets of the GS Ball J Johnson
Ash Ketchum, Pokemon Detective J West
Go West, Young Ash J West
The Chikorita Challenge J West
Prepare for Trouble J West
Ash to the Rescue J West
Forest Club J 796.5 Hirschmann
Plant, Sow, Make, & Grow J 635 Coombs
National Geographic Kids: Beinnger's World Atlas J 912 National
People & Places: a visual encyclopedia J 909.83 People
Secret Agents! Sharks! Ghost Armies! J 940.54 Calkhoven
Mount Rushmore's Hidden Room and Other Monumnetal Secrets J 978.393 Calkhoven
Heroes Who Risked Everything for Freedom J 973.785 Lakin 
Fearless Flyers, Dazzle Painters, and Code Talkers! J 940.4 Densi
The Founding Fathers Were Spies! J 973.3 Lakin
Ever After High: A semi-charming kind of life, bk 3 J Selfors
Ever After High: Next Top Villain, bk 1 J selfors
Ever After High: Kiss and Spell, bk. 2 J Selfors
Nerd Aa - Zz J 503 Resler
Raccoon Rescue J 599.76 Einhorn
Pokemon: Super Deluxe Essential Handbook J 794.8 Pokemon
National Geographic Kids: Almanac 2019 J 031.02 National
Rise of the Dragon Moon J Byrne
The Light in the Lake J Baughman
Skyjacked J Griffin
Zanzibar J Valckx
Lalani of the Distant Sea J Kelly
Spinner of Dreams J Reynolds
Hoax for Hire J Martin
Strange Birds J Perez
Stay J Pyron
Cleopatra in Space J Maihack
Makoons, book 5 J Erdrich
Just Beyond: The Scare School J Stine
Malamander J Taylor
The Binder of Doom: Boa Constructor J Cummings
The Jumble God's Revenge J Baptiste
The Dog Who Lost His Bark J Colfer
The Collected Works of Gretchen Oyster J Fagan
The Sweetest Fruits J Truong
Some Places More Than Others J Watson
Cleopatra in Space J Maihack
The Crossover J Alexander
Emmy in the Key of Code J Lucido
Beverly, Right Here J Dicamillo
Phoebe and Her Unicorn in the Magic Storm J Simpson
Caught!  Nabbing History's Most Wanted J 364.1 Bragg
Pokemon: Super Deluxe Essential Handbook J 793.932 Pokemon
Kim Possible 791.43 Kim
Holes 791.43 Holes
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 791.43 Percy
The Trumpet of the Swan 791.43 Trumpet
Tinker Bell 791.43 Tinker
Bernie the Dolphin 791.43 Bernie
Puss in Boots 791.43 Puss
Shark Tale 791.43 Shark
Leap Frog: the amazing alphabet Amusement Park 372.465 Leapfrog
Leap Frog: Scout & Friends Phonics Farm 373.465 Leapfrog
Leap Frog Letter Factory Adventures:  The Great Shape Mystery 516.15 Leapfrog
J Audio books