They're book addicts.  -Lemony Snicket, The Miserable Mill

New Children Titles

E Books Call#
Mickey's Found Sounds: A Musical Exploration Storybook E Leonard
This Is NOT a Valentine E Higgins
The Busy Beaver E Oldland
The Stone Bird E McCartney
Petra E Coppo
The Big Bed E Laditan
The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun,
        Loose at school E Murray
Wide-Awake Bear E Miller
The Pink Hat E Joyner
When the World Is Full of Friends E Shields
They Say Blue E Tamaki
Sylvia Rose and the Cherry Tree E Rose
I'm a Duck E Bunting
Can Somebody Please Scratch My Back? E John
Good Night Sleep Tight E Andres
Tough Tug E MacDonald
Lola Dutch E Wright
Watch Out For Mudy Puddles! E Faulks
Hidden Figures E 510.92 Shetterly
The Treasure of Pirate Frank E Peet
The King of Bees E Laminack
The Two Mutch Sisters E Brendler
Little Polar Bear Takes a Stand E Beer
My Pillow Keeps Moving! E Gehl
Ladybug Girl and the Rescue Dogs E Soman
The Weather Girls E Aki
May I Come In? E Arnold
Pignic E Phelan
The Bat Can Bat E Barretta
On The Other Side of the Garden E Buitrago
The Littlest Viking E Penfold
The Better Tree Fort E Kerrin
Hello Hello E Wenzel
Truck Full of Ducks E Burach
A Couch for Llama E Gilbert
Snowboy and the Last Tree Standing E Oram
Up in the Leaves E Boss
The Truth About Bears E 599 Eaton
Baby Animals Moving E 591.5 Eszterhas
Five Busy Beavers E Partheniou Grasso
Honey E Stein
Please, No More Nuts! Easy Fenske
Waiting for Wings E 595.78 Ehlert
My Pet Wants a Pet E Broach
A Dod Called Bear E Fox
Astronaut Annie E Slade
Grains of Sand E Delacroix
Inky the Octopus E Guendelsberger
Snail Mail E Berger
Roar: A Dinosaur Tour E 567.9 Terranova
Grow E Platt
The Bee Book E 595.79 Milner
There Was An Old Mermaid Who Swallowed a Shark! E Colandro
M if for Melody: A Music Alphabet E 780 Wargin
Ella: Queen of JAZZ E 791.092 Hancocks
I Got the Rhythm E Schofield-Morrison
Prickly Hedgehogs! E 591 McGuinness
Dave's Cave E Preston-Gannon
Down by the River E Weiner
A Rock Can Be E 552 Salas
Rhonda's Rock Hunt E Griffin
Twilight Chant E 591.5 Thompson
A Mammal is an Animal E 599 Rockwell
Baby Bear's Book of Tiny Tales E McPhail
A Fire Truck for Chuck E Dunklee
J Books Call #
Me, Frida, and the Secret of the Peacock Ring J Cervantes
The Stone Girl's Story J Durst
Wonder J Palacio
How to Sell Your Family to the Aliens J Noth
Sherlock Holmes and the Disappearing Diamond J Hearn
Big Foot and Little Foot J Potter
The Sound of Freedom J Kacer
Survival Tails: The Titanic J Charman
When the Crickets Stopped Singing J Donahue
Seeker of the Crown J Lauren
Following Baxter J Kerley
The Girl Who Drew Butterflies J 595.7 Sidman
Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire J August
The Lost Grand Adventure J Behrens
Legends of the Lost Causes J McLelland
Ebb & Flow J Smith
The Unflushables J Bates
Buttheads from Outer Space J Mahoney
Scarlet Hart Monster Hunter J Sedgwick
The Alien Next Door, The New Kid, Book 1 J Newton
Beep and Bob, Too Much Space!, book 1 J Roth
Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face and the Quest for the
       Magic Porcupine J Dougherty
A World Below J King
Hope in the Holler J Tyre
Mars Rover J 523.43 Smith-Llera
Chef Gino's Taste Test Challenge J 641.5 Campagna
See For Yourself! J 573.88 DePrisco
Hubble Deep Field J 523.1 Nardo
Ultimate Slime J 745.5 Jagan
Maker Lab Outdoors J 507.8 Challoner
Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History J 920.72 Harrison
A Child's Introduction to African American History J 973.049 Asim
Rocks & Minerals J 552 Simon
Stubby The War Dog J 940.483 Bausum
Make Origami Mammals J 736.982 Owen
Understanding the Brain J 612.82 Randolph
Pump It Up: The Heart and Blood J 612.11 Randolph
Growth and Aging J 612.67 Randolph
Microbes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly J 612 Randolph
The Eyes Have It J 612 .84 Randolph
1000 Facts About Insects J 595.702 Honovich
Trash Revolution J 363.72 Fyvie
Flying Colors J 929.92 Fresson
Plant, Cook, Eat!: A Children's Cookbook J 641.65 Archer
Journeys J 910.9 Litton
Geology Lab for Kids J 550.78 Romaine
Astronaut Aquanaut J 627.72 Swanson
Dog Days of History J 636.7 Albee
Exoplanets J 523.24 Simon
Wizard for Hire, book 1 J Skye
Switched J Calonita
The Super Life of Ben Braver J Emerson
Tournament Trouble, book 1 J Chiang
The Spinner Prince J Laney
The Elephant Thief J Kerr
Knockout J Holt
Riding Lessons, book 1 J Smiley
The Train of Lost Things J Paquette
Lucy Longwhiskers Gets Lost J Meadows
Sylva and the Fairy Ball J McNamara
Aru Shah and the End of Time J Chokshi
Charlie & Frog: a Mystery J Kane
Gone to Drift J McCaulay
The Wild Robot Escapes J Brown
Hardscrabble J Dallas
The Parker Inheritance J Johnson
The Hidden Oracle: book 1 J Riordan
The Un-Friendship Bracelet J Maker
Peanut Butter and Jelly J Clanton
Mega Robo Bros J Cameron
Olivia Nibblesqueak's Messy Mischief J Meadows
Evie Scruffypup's Big Surprise J Meadows
Bella Tabbypaw J Meadows
Teacup: Belle's Star Pup J Redbank
Cinderella: The Lost Tiara J Richards
Ariel: The Birthday Surprise J Herman
Belle: The Charming Gift J O'Ryan
Belle: The Mysterious Message J RIchards
Tiana: The Stolen Jewel J Glass
Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes to Tell Your Friends J 818.602 Dahl
J Audio books
The Witch of Blackbird Pond, 6 discs Speare
Have Sword, Will Travel, 7 discs Nix
Nate the Great More Collected Stories, 4 discs Sharmat
The Girl Who Saved Christmas, 5 discs Haig