They're book addicts.  -Lemony Snicket, The Miserable Mill

New Children Titles

E Books Call#
Follow the Track All the Way Back E Knapman
Tyranosaurus Rex vs. Edna the Very First Chicken E Rees
Blue vs. Yellow E Sullivan
Good Night, Reindeer E Brennan-Nelson
Singing in the Rain E 782.42 Freed
Sam, the Most Scaredy-Cat Kid in the Whole World E Willems
Hamsters Don't Fight Fires!  E Root
Ming and Her Poppy E Sullivan
Someday, Narwhal E Mantchev
The Lumberjack's Beard E Beedie
Our Kid E Ross
Maverick and Me E Schwarzenegger
Give Me Back My Book! E Foster
Babies Can Sleep Anywhere E Wheeler
Still Stuck E Yoshitake
La La La   E DiCamillo
No Kimchi For Me! E Kim
A Small Blue Whale E Ferry
The Sun Played Hide-And-Seek E Cleary
Small Walt E Verdick
Three Little Monkeys E Blake
It Takes a Village E Clinton
I'm Afraid Your Teddy Is In Trouble Today E Dunn
Goldenlocks and The Three Pirates E Prince
Thunder Horse E Bunting
I Won't Eat That E Neal
Little Owl's Egg E Gliori
Big Sister, Little Monster E Rosenbaum
Samson the Mighty Flea! E McAllister
Rufus Blasts Off! E Griswell
The Bad Mood and the Stick E Snicket
Are We Pears Yet? E Paul
How to Raise Three Dragons Easy O'Ryan
The Glassmaker's Daughter E Hofmeyr
Pizza Day E Iwai
Charlie & Mouse & Grumpy E Snyder
Boy and the Whale E Gerstein
100 Things I Love to do with You E Schwartz
Animal Poems E 811 Animal
How to Start a Dragon Academy Easy David
How to Train Your Dragon 2 Easy Katschke
J Books Call #
Rise of the Earth Dragon, book 1 J West
Saving the Sun Dragon, book 2 J West
Power of the Fire Dragon, book 4 J West
Song of the Poison Dragon, book 5 J West
Flight of the Moon Dragon, book 6 J West
Search for the Lightning Dragon, book 7 J West
Roar of the Thunder Dragon, book 8 J West
The Phantom of the Opera J Jackson
Pashmina J Chanani
Anne of Green Gables J Marsden
Beneath the Stone Forest, book 6 J Quinn
Let the Games Begin!, book 7 J Quinn
The Secret World of Mermaids, book 8   J Quinn
The Bard and the Beast, book 9 J Quinn
The Pegasus Quest, book 10 J Quinn
The False Fairy, book 11 J Quinn
The Sorcerer's Shadow, book 12 J Quinn
The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine J Twain
Secrets of the Sea J 591.77 Baker
Minecraft: Combat Handbook J 793.932 Milton
The Selkie's Mate J Davies
Stephen Curry: Basketball's MVP J 796.323 Shea
Astronaut: Life as a Scientist and Engineer in Space J 629 Owen
Master Blasters J 662.2 Owen
Missouri: The Show Me State J 977.8 Hamilton
The Painting J Cotter
Marge in Charge J Fisher
Last Laughs: Prehistoric Epitaphs J 818.602 Lewis
Hidden Wildlife: How Animals Hide in Plain Sight J 591.472 Arnosky
In The Country of Queens J Best
The Assassin's Curse J Sands
Control Freak: King of the Bench J Moore
If My Moon Was Your Sun J Steinhofel
Minecraft: Combat Handbook J 793.932 Milton
Finding Mighty J Chari
Charlie Numb3rs and the Man in the Moon J Mezrich
Dream Jumper: Curse of the Harvester, book J Grunberg
Bats in Trouble J McDowell
Oddity J Cannon
Minecraft: The Island J Brooks
League of Archers: The Stolen Crown J Howard
Confronting the Dragon: An Unofficial Novel J Cheverton
Invasion of the Overworld J Cheverton
Battle for the Nether J Cheverton
Waylon! Even More Awesome J Pennypacker
The Crims: Crime runs in the Family J Davies
Draw Caricatures J 745.51 Antram
Olympia the Games Fairy J Meadows
Cara the Camp Fairy J Meadows
Michelle the Winter Wonderland Fiary J Meadows
Belle the Birthday Fairy J Meadows
Trixie the Halloween Fairy J Meadows
Lindsay the Luck Fairy J Meadows
Mission to the Moon J Cheverton
System Overload J Cheverton
Zombies Atttack J Cheverton
Herdbrine's War J Cheverton
The Great Zombie Invasion J Cheverton
Isadora Moon Goes Camping J Muncaster
Two To Kung Fu J West
Shadow Weaver J Connolly
The Eternity Elixir J Cole
Helena the Horse-Riding Fairy J Meadows
Elle The Thumbelina Fairy J Meadows
Ruth The Riding Hood Fairy J Meadows
Rosalie The Rapunzel Fairy J Meadows
Mimi The Laughter Fairy J Meadows
Hayley The Rain Fiary J Meadows
Ponyo 791.43 Ponyo
Spirited Away 791.43 Spirited
The Magic School Bus: Greatest Classic Episodes 791.45 Magic
Shopkins World Vacation 791.43 Shopkins
Mega Machines: The Movie 791.43 Bob
Floogals:  Mission Complete 791.45 Flooglas
Madagascar Escape 2 Africa 791.43 Madagascar
Little Bear: Dress Up Time 791.45 Little
J Audio books
The City of Ember, 6 discs J DuPrau
Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures, 8 discs J Greenhut