They're book addicts.  -Lemony Snicket, The Miserable Mill

New Children Titles

E Books Call#
I Dig E Cepeda
Thomas Jefferson E 973.4 Ransom
Harold & Hog Pretend for Real! Easy Willems
Camp Tiger E Choi
Don't Let Them Disappear E 591.68 Clinton
Me, Toma and the Concrete Garden E Larsen
Lion and Mouse E Buitrago
Nighttime Symphony E Timballand
Hair Love E Cherry
My Little Chick E Elschner
A Little House in a Big Place E Acheson
Sonny's Bridge E 788 Wittenstein
Swarm of Bees E Snicket
The Last Peach E Gordon
Papa Put a Man on the Moon E Dempsey
The Fisherman & the Whale E Lanan
Go, Popplio! Easy Barbo
Contest for the Crown Easy Barbo
Play Ball, Pikachu! Easy Sander
The Night Fury and the Light Fury Easy Gallo
The Not-So Great Outdoors E Kloepper
Clownfish Aren't So Funny E 591.77 Weiss
You Are Home E 917.3 Turk
Moth E 595.78 Thomas
Daddy-Sitting E Coy
Hummingbird E 568.754 Davies
How to Read a Book E Alexander
Homes in the Wild E 591.56 Judge
Trains Run! E Lyon
How to Walk a Dump Truck E Pearson
The Earth Gives More E Fliess
Albert's Quiet Quest E Arsenault
Party, a mystery E Kincaid
Bear Came Along E Morris
Rocket Says Look Up! E Bryon
Max Attacks E Appelt
Llama Destroys the World E Stutzman
The Hideout E Mattiangeli
I'm Trying to Love Math E 510 Barton
Hey, Dog E Johnston
A Father's Love E Holt
Ghost Cat E Atteberry
Hum and Swish E Myers
Nope. Never. Not for Me! E Cotterill
This Beach Is Loud! E Catterill
Bruce's Big Fun Day Easy Higgins
See Me Play E Meisel
One Whole Bunch E Meyer
The Moon Book E 523.3 Gibbons
Moon Babies E Jameson
Not Quite Snow White E Franklin
A Quieter Story E Woodruff
The Pawed Piper E Robinson
J Books Call #
The Science of Spacecraft J 629.47 Woolf
Discover Earth J 525 Goldstein
Discover Neptune J 523.48 Goldstein
Discover Venus J 523.42 Goldstein
Discover Jupiter J 523.45 Goldstein
Discover Saturn J 523.46 Beth
Discover Mars J 523.43 Beth
Discover Mercury J 523.41 Beth
Discover Uranus J 523.47 Beth
Midsummer's Mayhem J LaRocca
Smithsonian Dinosaurs and other amazing creatures J 560 Smithsonian
The Space Craft Book J 745.5 Minter
Luna: The science and stories of our moon J 523.3 Aguilar
13 Planets: the latest view of the solar system J 523.2 Aguilar
The Magnificent Migration J 591.56 Montgomery
Seven Wonders of the Solar System J 523.2 Aguilar
Putuguq & Kublu and the Qalupalik! J Akulukjuk
The Mission to Find Max: Egypt, book 14 J Hunt
Carnival Catastrophe J Lloyd
Pie in the Sky J Lai
Camp J Miller
Becoming Kareem: Growing Up On and Off the Court J 796.323 Abdul-Jabbar
The Dinosaur Craft Book J 745.5 Minter
The Superhero Craft Book J 646.4 Minter
Moles: The Superpower Field Guide J 599.33 Poliquin
Superfun Dog Crafts J 745.59 Yates
Music: The Sound of Science J 534 Albertson
Chemistry You Can Chomp J 641 Alkire
Carl Sagan: Celebrated Cosmos Scholar J 629.450 Felix
Buzz Aldrin: Pioneer Moon Explorer J 629.450 Alkire
Sally Ride: Trailblazing Astronaut J 629.450 Felix
Make a Spaceship Your Way! J 680 Thomas
Make a Race Car Your Way! J 680 Olson
Astronomy You Can Nibble J 641 Borgert-Spaniol
Storm Blown J Courage
Planet Earth is Blue J Panteleakos
Secret Soldiers J Hutton
Rising Above Shepherdsville J Schoenbohm
Level 13, a Slacker Novel J Korman
Little Lunch Triple Treats J Katz
Nate the Great and the Sticky Case J Sharmat
Star Wars Adventures: Smuggler's Blues J Scott
Star Wars Adventures: Mehcanical Mayhem J Barber
Creative Cat Crafts J 745.5 Yates
Captain Aquatica's Awesome Ocean J 551.46 Cramp
Geology You Can Gobble J 641 Alkire
Surviving A Space Disaster J 629. 45 Tunby
Surviving a Canyon J 796.522 Marsico
Trees: A Rooted History J 582.16 Socha
Comics: Easy as ABC! J 741.51 Brunetti
We Are the Change J 323.092 Alko
Family Issues?: Skills to Communicate J 362.82 Spilsbury
Avoiding Bullies? J 302.34 Spilsbury
Water Power J 333.91 Brearley
Solar Power J 333.79 Brearley
Geothermal Energy J 333.8 Brearley
Drinking and Drugs? J 363.45 Spilsbury
When We Walked on the Moon J 629.45 Long
Trekking the Sahara Desert J 916.6 Newland
Killer Style J 391.009 McMahon
Destination: Moon J 629.45 Simon
Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo11 J 629.45 Floca
Moon Mission: The Epic 400-year Journey to Apollo 11 J 629.45 Brouwer
Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid J Kinney
Awesome Dog 5000 J Dean
Big Idea Gang: Bee the Change J Preller
George and the Ship of Time J Hawking
The Poison Jungle J Sutherland
Professor Renoir's Collection of Oddities, Curiosities,
        and Delights J Platt
The Oddmire, book 1, Changeling J Ritter
Fantastic Mr. Fox J Dahl
The Drone Pursuit J Appleton
Wee Dragons 791.43 Wee
Pokemon: 4ever 791.43 Pokemon
J Audio books