New Children Titles

E Books Call#
Little Fox, Lost E Snitselaar
Homes in the Past E 392.3 Smith
Because of an Acorn E 577.3 Schaefer
Pinkalicious: Fashion  Fun Easy Kann
The Fox Who Ate Books E Biermann
Blip! E Richards
Bad Kitty Does Not Like Video Games E Bruel
How to Track a Truck E Eaton
Even Superheroes Have Bad Days E Becker
I Do Not Like AL's Hat   E McGill
Mighty, Mighty Construction Site E Rinker
Almost a Full Moon E Workman
The Darkest Dark E Hadfield
Search and Spot: Go! E Ljungkvist
Little Brother Pumpkin Head E Panzieri
How Water Gets From Treatment E 363. 6 Peterson
       Plants to Toilet Bowls
How Food Gets From Farms E 641.3 Shores
       to Store Shelves
How Garbage Gets From Trash  E 628.4 Shores
       Cans to Landfills
Sabertooth Cats E 569.74 Higgins
Woolly Mammoths E 569.67 Higgins
Bee: A Peek-Through Picture Book E 595.79 Teckentrup
Little Night Cat E Danowski
Hair E Patricelli
Love is a Truck E Novesk
Groundhog's Runaway Shadow E Biedrzycki
Sophie's Squash Go To School E Miller
The Very Fluffy Kitty Papillon E Kang
Push! Dig! Scoop! E Greene
Friend or Foe? E Sobol
Paddington Plays On Easy Bond
No More Bows E Cotterill
Wolf in the Snow E Cordell
Egg E Henkes
Plant the Tiny Seed E Matheson
Hatching Chicks in Room 6 E 636.507 Arnold
Lotus & Feather E Jiang
At Night E Bansch
The Grizzly Bear Who Lost His GRRRRR! E Biddulph
Do Princesses and Super Heroes Hit the Trails? E Coyle
Bob the Railway Dog E Fenton
Crash! The Cat E McPhail
Tinyville Town: Gets to Work E Biggs
Also an Octopus E Tokuda-Hall
Storm's Coming! E Preus
Samson in the Snow E Stead
Shred It! E 363.72 Troupe
Pond E LaMarche
Turn On the Night E Valerio
The Messy Book E Powell-Tuck
Henry & Leo E Zagarenski
The Liszts E Maclear
The Fire Station E 628.9 Murray
The Post Office E 383 Murray
The Police Station E 636.2 Murray
J Books
Cool Plastic Bottle and Milk Jug Science J 745.5 Enz
Origami Accessories: a foldable fashion guide J 786.982 Song
The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh J 823.91 Milne
How Things Work J 500 Resler
5 Giraffes J 599.638 Dagg
The Great Leopard Rescue J 599.75 Markle
Superman Science J 612 Biskup
Things That Make You Go YUCK!: Extreme Living J 578.4 Dlugos
Things That Make You Go YUCK!: Crooked Critters J 578.4 Dlugos
Chihuanuas, Pomeranians, and Other Toy Dogs J 636.76 Gagne
Collies, Corgis, and Other Herding Dogs J 636.737 Gagne
Foxhounds, Coonhounds,and Other Hound Dogs J 636.753 Gagne
West Highlands, Scotties, and Other Terriers J 636.755 Gagne
Bulldogs, Poddles, Dalmatians, and 
        Other Non-Sporting Dogs J 636.72 Gagne
Huskies, Mastiffs, and Other Working Dogs J 636.73 Gagne
The Tragic Tale of the Great Auk J 598.33 Thornhill
Mission to Pluto J 629.43 Carson
Under Water, Under Earth J 551 Mizielinska
Princess in Disguise J Baker
Teddy & Co. J Voigt
Race the Night J Hubbard
The Goat Who Chewed Too Much, # 3 J Angleberger
Christmas Stories: Laura #10 J Henson
Razzle Dazzle Unicorn, # 4 J Simpson
The Bad Guys J Blabey
The Blob That Ate Everyone J Stine
Why I'm Afraid of Bees J Stine
Please Don't Feed the Vampire J Stine
Flablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison, Book 5 J Mull
Dark Island: Trilogy, Part 3 J Farshtey
The Wizard's Dog J Gale
Me and Marvin Gardens J King
An Eagle in the Snow J Morpurgo
NewsPrints J Xu
The Erth Dragons: The Wearle J D'Lacey
The Cat Who Came in of the Roof J Schmidt
Some Kind of Happiness J Legrand
The Deadly Race to Space J Hunt
The Hunt for the Yeti Skull J Hunt
Mel Foster and the Demon Butler   J Golding
Finding Winnie 810 Finding
Goosebumps: 3-pack thriller, 3 discs 791.43 Goosebumps
Prep & Landing 791.45 Prep
Doin' Things That Doozers Do 791.45 Doin'
Wonder Pets: Save the Reindeer! 791.45 Wonder
Dragon Tales: Let's Be Brave 791.45 Dragon
Wonder Pets: Save the Wonder Pets! 791.45 Wonder
Wow Wow Wubbzy!: Wubbzy's Egg-cellent Easter 791.45 Wow
Fantastic Mr. Fox 791.43 Fantastic
Cars 2 791.43 Cars
J Audio books
Shiloh, 3 discs J Naylor

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