All I have learned, I learned from books.  -Abraham Lincoln

New Audio Books, DVDs, and Music CDs

AUDIO BOOKS      JUNE   2018
The Cast, 6 discs F Steel
By Invitation Only, 9 discs F Frank
Shelter In Place, 12 discs F Roberts
The Forgotten Road, 4 discs F Evans
Shattered Mirror, 10 discs MYS Johansen
Beach House Reunion, 9 discs F Monroe
The Gray Ghost, 9 discs F Cussler
A Breath After Drowning, 10 discs F Blanchard
The Other Lady Vanishes, 9 discs F Quick
The Evil Men Do, 7 discs WES Robbins
Shawn O'Brien: Better Off Dead, 8 discs WES Johnstone
The Death of Mrs. Westaway, 12 discs MYS Ware
The Bloody Spur, 5 discs WES Spillane
The President is Missing, 11 discs F Clinton
Tom Clancy's Op-Center For Honor, 8 discs F Rovin
The Love Letter,11 discs INS Hauck
Moscow Offensive, 11 discs F Brown
Seize the Night, 12 discs F Koontz
The Moscow Deception, 9 discs F Robards
Liar, Liar, 11 discs F Jackson
The Sea Before Us, 9 discs INS Sundin
Turbulence, 6 discs MYS woods
DVD's         JUNE   2018
Title Call #
The Darkest Hour 791.43 Darkest
Comanche Moon, 2 discs 791.45 Comanche
Kiss of Death 791.43 Kiss
The Ottoman 791.43 Ottoman
Cop and A Half: New Recruit 791.43 Cop
The Ticket 791.43 Ticket
The Secret Life of Bees 791.43 Secret
The Great Debaters, 2 discs 791.43 Great
Sleight 791.43 Sleight
The Exception 791.43 Exception
A Quiet Passion 791.43 Quiet
The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Collection, 6 discs 791.45 Aurora
Certain Women 791.43 Certain
Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story 791. 43092 Bombshell
I Am Number Four 791.43 I
Fight Club 791.43 Fight
Band Aid 791.43 Band
Showing Roots 791.43 Showing
The Master of Ballantrae 791.43 Master
Van Helsing 791.43 Van
Strange Weather 791.43 Strange
Chuck 791.43 Chuck
Dirty Dancing 791.43 Dirty
The Immortal Life of Henreitta Lacks 791.43 Immortal
Precious 791.43 Precious
My Fair Lady 791.43 My
The Breaking Point 791.43 Breaking
Hopscotch 791.43 Hopscotch
Amadeus 791.43 Amadeus
Mister Rogers & Me 791.43 Mister
Cool Hand Luke 791.43 Cool
Norman 791.43 Norman
Hostiles 791.43 Hostiles
42 791.43 42
Zoo, season 3, 4 discs 791.45 Zoo
The Big Bang Theory, season 1, 3 discs 791.45 Big
The Big Bang Theory, season 3, 3 discs 791.45 Big
The Big Bang Theory, season 4, 3 discs 791.45 Big
The Big Bang Theory, season 5, 3 discs 791.45 Big
The Tunnel, season 1, 3 discs 791.43 Tunnel
The Virginian, season 6, discs1-3 791.45 Virginian
The Virginian, season 6, discs 4-7 791.45 Virginian
The Virginian, season 6, discs 6-9 791.45 Virginian
Bob Dylan: Trouble No More, disc 1 Pop/Rock Dylan
Bob Dylan: Trouble No More, disc 2 Pop/Rock Dylan
First Aid Kit   Ruins, 1 disc Pop/Rock First Aid Kit
John Prine for Better, or Worse, 1 disc Country Prine
John Prine : The Tree of Forgiveness, 1 disc Pop/Rock Prine