All I have learned, I learned from books.  -Abraham Lincoln

New Audio Books, DVDs, and Music CDs

Cave of Bones, 8 discs MYS Hillerman
Accidental Heroes, 6 discs F Steel
All the Beautiful Lies, 8 discs F Swanson
The Disappeared, 10 discs F Box
Shoot First, 7 discs MYS Woods
Sweet Vengeance, 8 discs F Michaels
The Thief, 12 discs F Ward
Duel to the Death, 9 discs MYS Jance
I've Got My Eyes on You, 6 discs MYS Clark
Pet Sematary, 13 discs F King
Red Alert, 6 discs MYS Patterson
Probing, 8 discs INS Probing
In Places Hidden, 8 discs INS Peterson
Judah's Wife, 10 discs INS Hunt
After Anna, 9 discs F Scottoline
Walking on My Grave, 7 discs MYS Hart
Don't Go Home, 7 discs MYS Hart
Big Cherry Holler, 8 discs F Trigiani
The Grave's a Fine and Private Place, 8 discs MYS Bradley
The Cutting Edge, 11 discs MYS Deaver
The Shack, 7 discs F Young
Munich, 8 discs F Harris
Killers of the Flower Moon, 7 discs 976.6 Grann
A Nantucket Wedding, 9 discs ROM Thayer
Big Stone Gap, 9 discs F Trigiani
Uncommon Type: Some Stories, 8 discs F Hanks
Little Fires Everywhere, 9 discs F Ng
The Crooked Staircase, 13 discs F Koontz
DVD's         APRIL   2018
Title Call #
Cloud Atlas 791.43 Cloud
How to Steal a Million 791.43 How
The Ring 791.43 Ring
A Family of Spies 791.45 Family
The Tommyknockers 791.43 Tommyknockers
Frank and Jesse 791.43 Frank
Star Trek I: The motion picture 791.43 Star
A Fool and His Money 791.43 Fool
S.W.A.T. 791.43 S.W.A.T.
Flying Tigers 791.43 Flying
Encino Man 791.43 Encino
Cocoon: The Return 791.43 Cocoon
MIIB: Men in Black II, 2 discs 791.43 MIIB
Red Heat 791.43 Red
Amistad 791.43 Amistad
Donovan's Reef 791.43 Donovan
Premonition 791.43 Premonition
Bullet to Beijing 791.43 Bullet
Wooly Boys 791.43 Wooly
King Kong 791.43 King
The Man With Two Brains 791.43 Man
Operation Pacific 791.43 Operation
Blue Steel 791.43 Blue
Point Break 791.43 Point
Grandma 791.43 Grandma
Undercover Grandpa 791.43 Undercover
Karen Kingsbury's A Time to Dance 791.45 Time
Surrogates 791.43 Surrogates
True Grit 791.43 True
The Kentuckian 791.43 Kentuckian
Secondhand Lions 791.43 Secondhand
The Wind and the Lion 791.43 Wind
The Puppet Masters 791.43 Puppet
Eye of the Beholder 791.43 Eye
Topdog 791.43 Top
Safe House 791.43 Safe
Rooster Cogburn (and the Lady) 791.43 Rooster
Our Idiot Brother 791.43 Our
The Family Man 791.43 Family
Signed, Sealed, Delivered: One in a Million 791.45 Signed
D-Day: The Sixth of June 791.43 D-Day
Stranger Things: season 2, 3 discs 791.45 Stranger
The Greatest Showman 791.43 Greatest
The Man Who Invented Christmas 791.43 Man
Breathe 791.43 Breathe
Going in Style 791.43 Going
Battle of the Sexes 791.43 Battle
Beauty and the Beast 791.43 Beauty
Beauty and the Beast 791.43 Beauty
Brad's Status 791.43 Brad's
The Shape of Water 791.43 Shape
The Post 791.43 Post
Goodbye Christopher Robin 791.43 Goodbye
Jack of All Trades, complete series, 3 discs 791.45 Jack
The Best of Benny Hill 791.45 Best
Big Little Lies, 3 discs 791.45 BigUnderco
Aeon Flux, 3 discs 791.45 Aeon