All I have learned, I learned from books.  -Abraham Lincoln

New Audio Books, DVDs, and Music CDs

The Whispering Room, 14 discs F Loontz
See How She Dies, 14 discs F Jackson
End Game, 10 discs F Baldacci
Every Breath You Take, 6 discs MYS Clark
In This Moment, 8 discs INS Kingsbury
The People vs. Alex Cross, 7 discs F Patterson
Future Home of the Living God, 9 discs F Erdrich
Secrets of Cavendon, 11 discs F Bradford
American Drifter, 7 discs F Graham
Power and Empire, 13 discs F Cameron
Typhoon Fury, 10 discs F Cussler
A Darker Sea, 10 discs F Haley
The Armageddon File, 6 discs F Coonts
Count to Ten, 6 discs MYS Patterson
Past Perfect, 7 discs F Steel
Year One, 10 discs F Roberts
Don't know Much About History, 23 discs 973 Davis
Higher Is Waiting, 4 discs 277.3 Perry
The Last Camel Died at Noon, 14 discs MYS Peters
An Irish Doctor in Peace and at War,  11 discs F Taylor
Death at Nuremberg, 8 discs F Griffin
Holiday Wishes, 2 discs ROM Shalvis
Great Expectations, 14 discs F Dickens
The Wanted, 6 discs MYS Crais
Jane Eyre, 16 discs F Bronte
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman, 8 discs MYS James
To The Far Blue Mountains, 8 discs WES L'Amour
Paradise, 12 discs F Morrison
The House of Unexpected Sisters, 8 discs MYS McCall Smith
Ride the Dark Trail, 5 discs WES L'Amour
The Demon Crown, 12 discs F Rollins
Four to Score, 9 discs MYS Evanovich
Silver Bells, 11 discs F Michaels
Nights in Rodanthe, 5 discs F Sparks
Three to Get Deadly, 9 discs MYS Evanovich
Dead Reckoning, 9 discs MYS Harris
The Ghostway, 6 discs MYS Hillerman
DVD's         DECEMBER   2017
Title Call #
Inception 791.43 Inception
Miracle on 34th Street, 2 discs 791.43 Miracle
Miracle on 34th Street: A John Hughes Production 791.43 Miracle
The Drowning Pool 791.43 Drowning
Star Wars : The Force Awakens 791.43 Star
Prancer 791.43 Prancer
Ocean's Eleven 791.43 Ocean's
Bored to Death, season 2, 2 discs 791.45 Bored
Bored to Death, season 3, 2 discs 791.45 Bored
Arrow, season 5, 5 discs 791.45 Arrow
The Blue & the Gray, 3 discs 791.45 Blue
24, season 8, 6 discs 791.45 24
Everybody Loves Raymond, season 4, 5 discs 791.45 Everybody
Everybody Loves Raymond, season 9, 4 discs 791.45 Everybody
The Good Karma Hospital, series 1, 2 discs 791.45 Good
Hawaii Five-0. season 3, discs 1-4 791.45 Hawaii
Hawaii Five-0, season 3, discs 5-6 791.45 Hawaii
Hawaii Five-0, season 4, discs 1-4 791.45 Hawaii
Hawaii Five-0, season 4, discs 5-6 791.45 Hawaii
Hawaii Five-0, season 5, discs 1-4 791.45 Hawaii
Hawaii Five-0, season 5, discs 5-6 791.45 Hawaii
Photograph: The Very Best of Ringo Pop/Rock Starr
Celine Dion My Love Pop/Rock Dion
Celine Dion Let's Talk About Love Pop/Rock Dion
Celine Dion Loved Me Back to Life Pop/Rock Dion
Celine Dion Taking Chances Pop/Rock Dion
Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon Pop/Rock Pink Floyd
Songs By George Harrison Pop/Rock Harrison
Led Zeppelin Pop/Rock Led Zeppelin
Hard to Find Jukebox Classics 1960-64 Pop/Rock Hard