The worst thing about new books is that they keep us from reading the old ones.  -Joseph Joubert

New Adult Titles

Title Call #
Need to Know F Cleveland
The Other Side of Everything MYS Owens
The Handyman F Little
False Witness MYS Grant
Beau Death MYS Lovesey
Goodbye, Vitamin F Khong
The Ladies of Ivy Cottage INS Klassen
Penric's Mission SciFi Bujold
Mood Indigo MYS Ifkovic
The Maze at Windermere F Smith
Red Clocks F Zumas
Fear the Darkness F Masterman
The Force F Winslow
The Great Alone F Hannah
Still Me F Moyes
Operator Down F Taylor
Peter Pan Must Die F Verdon
A Lady in Disguise INS Byrd
The Woman in the Camphor Trunk MYS Kincheloe
Yesternight F Winters
Mister Tender's Girl F Wilson
A Distant Heart F Dev
The Unmade World F Yarbrough
Troubled Waters INS Warren
Renegades SciFi Locke
Look For Me MYS Gardner
Mrs. F Macy
How to Stop Time FAN Haig
The Devil's Waltz WES Wolfe
Song of a Captive Bird F Darznik
Firefly Cove INS Bunn
Escape to Fort Abercrombie WES Simar
The Midwife's Revolt F Daynard
My Name is Lucy Barton F Strout
Death of an Honest Man MYS Beaton
Unbound MYS Woods
Blood Truth F Coyle
The War Bride's Scapbook F Preston
The Black Painting F Olson
Beneath the Sugar Sky FAN McGuire
Self-Portrait with Boy F Lyon
Survival SciFi Bova
The Throne of Ceasar MYS Saylor
Iron Gold SciFi Brown
The Woman in the Water MYS Finch
The Atomic City Girls F Beard
Don't Skip Out On Me F Vlautin
The Bad Daughter F Fielding
Surprise Me F Kinsella
The Wake Up F Hyde
Radiant Angel F DeMille
Sunburn MYS Lippman
Order to Kill F Mills
Down the River Unto the Sea F Mosley
The Store F Patterson
Body of Lies F Ignatius
Unbound MYS Woods
One Last Breath F Jackson
Promise Not to Tell F Krentz
The Rule of Luck SciFi Cerveny
Phoebe's Light INS Fisher
The Lacemaker INSFrantz
The Largesse of the Sea Maiden F Johnson
White Houses F Bloom
Munich F Harris
A Song Unheard INS White
Across the Blue INS Turansky
Night Moves MYS Kellerman
The Hush MYS Hart
Fifty Fifty MYS Patterson
A Fool and His Honey MYS Harris
Elmet F Mozley
Say Yes to the Marquess ROM Dare
One Dance with a Duke ROM Dare
When a Scot Ties the Knot ROM Dare
Romancing the Duke ROM Dare
Beautiful Lawman ROM Jordan
Moonlight Over Manhatten ROM Morgan
Marry in Haste ROM Gracie
A Devil in Scotland ROM Enoch
The Bad Luck Bride ROM MacGregor
Colter's Journey WES Johnstone
The Art of Running in Heels ROM Gibson
A Spoonful of Magic FAN Radford
It's Hard Out Here for a Duke ROM Rodale
A Duke in Shining Armor ROM Chase
Hidden Heart ROM Roberts
His Sinful Touch ROM Camp
Dead Beat FAN Butcher
Judgment Road F Feehan
Heart on Fire ROM Bouchet
All That Glitters ROM Palmer
Title Author
Secrets pf Cavendon F Bradford
Mysterious Rancho WES Gregory
Satan's Keyhold WES Savage
At Prairie's End WES Horton
Texas Rider WES Scott
Ranger's Revenge WES Griffin
Sour Creek Valley WES Brand
The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams MYS Block
The Carroll Farm Fight WES Hunt
Hell's Gate WES Johnstone
Title Call #
Unstoppable, True stories of amazing bionic animals 536.089 Furstinger
Media Madness: Donald Trump, The Press, 
        and the War Over the Truth 973.933 Kurtz
Happiness in this Life 248.4 Francis
Berlin 1936: Sixteen Days in August 796.48 Hilmes
Squadron: Ending the African Slave Trade 382.44 Broich
Silence In the Age of Noise 152.1 Kagge
I Will Not Fear B Beals/Beals
Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics 158.12 Harris
We'll Always Have Casablanca 791.4372 Isenberg
Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic 973.933 Frum
Natural Wonders of the World 551.41 Natural
The Hands-On Home 640.286 Strauss
Live Lagom 306.3 Brones
Rock Gardening 635.9 Tychonievich
Moral Combat 261.8 Griffith
The Danger Within Us 338.4768 Lenzer
Option B 155.9 Sandberg
Aging With Care 362.24 Lambert
And Then You're Dead 612.002 Cassidy
Voices in the Ocean 599.53 Casey
No More Mean Girls 306.874 Hurley
This Child of Faith 248.345 Scott
At Home in this Life 277.3 Greer
A Homemade Year 263.9 Greer
Out of the Shadows 616.8527 Litzsinger
Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary 791.43 Reynolds
Jasper Johns: Pictures within Pictures  1980-2015 759.13 Donovan
Tell Me More 158.1 Corrigan
You Carried Me 306.8743 Ohden
Megafire 363.37 Kodas
The Triumph of Christianity 270.1 Ehrman
2018 Pushcart Prize XLII: Best of the Small Presses 808.8 Pushcart
The Indoor Epidemic 371.3 Shonstrom
Replenish: The Virtuous Cycle of Water and Prosperity 363.61 Postel
The Mitten Handbook 746.432 Huff
Glorious Shade 635.9 Carey
The Complete Illustrated Book Herbs 635.7 Complete
The Great Big Pressure Cooker Book 641.587 Weinstein
Directorate S 958.1047 Coll
Bruised & Wounded 248.8 Rolheiser
Electric Shock 781.6409 Doggett
The Family Tree Cemetery Field Guide 929.1072 Neighbors
The Spinning Magnet 538.7 Mitchell
A Magical World 509 Wilson
Anesthesia 617.96 Cole-Adams
Catnip: A Love Story 636.8009 Korda
Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2014 641.5 Cooking
The Best of Star Wars Insider 791.4375 Best
Unsolved Mysteries of World War II, 3 discs 940.54 Unsolved
What Happened, Miss Simone?, 1 DVD, 1 CD 782.42 What
The Vietnam War, vol. 1, 5 discs 959.7043 Vietnam
The Vietnam War, vol. 2, 5 discs 959.7043 Vietnam