The worst thing about new books is that they keep us from reading the old ones.  -Joseph Joubert

New Adult Titles

FICTION       JULY  2017
Title Call #
15 Seconds F Gross
Etched in Bone FAN Bishop
The Summer's End F Monroe
Two Nights MYS Reichs
Beautiful Tempest F Lindsey
Sweetbriar Cottage INS Hunter
Trusting Grace INS Brendan
The Templars' Last Secret MYS Walker
Robert Lundlum's The Bourne Initiative F Lustbader
Undaunted ROM Palmer
Lockdown F King
Trap the Devil F Coes
The People We Hate at the Wedding F Ginder
The Frozen Hours: A novel of the Korean War F Shaara
Falling Into the Mob F Zousmer
Gwendy's Button Box F King
Death on Nantucket MYS Mathews
The Accomplished Guest F Beattie
The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. SciFi Stephenson
Beach House for Rent F Monroe
Take Out: a Mystery F Maron
Magpie Murders MYS Horowitz
Seven Stones to Stand or Fall F Gabaldon
Look Behind You F Johansen
Murder at the Puppy Fest MYS Berenson
Nighthawk F Cussler
Watch Me Disappear F Brown
Blame F Abbott
The Confusion of Languages F Fallon
The Lying Game F Ware
Fierce Kingdom F Phillips
The Graybar Hotel F Dawkins
The Hidden MYS Spencer
Bounty of Greed WES Colt
Slate Creek: Journey to the White Clouds WES Swenson
Blackmail F Campbell
The Marriage Pact F Richmond
Crime Scene MYS Kellerman
Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale F Rutledge
The Breath of Peace F Wilcock
In This Together F Kittleson
In Times Like These F Kittleson
In His Eyes INS McGee
Out of the Frying Pan MYS Griep
The Lady of Secrets F Carroll
Love Is Patient: Romance Collection INS Love
The Valiant Hearts: Romance Collection INS Valiant
The Cowboy's Bride Collection INS Cowboy's
Small-Town Brides: Romance Collection INS Small-Town
Brides of Texas: 3-in-1 Historical Romance Collection INS Brides
LARGE PRINT      JULY   2017
Title Author
Hour Game F Baldacci
Raiders of Blue Dome WES Horton
Lightning Strike WES Paine
Renegade Ranger WES Kane
A Partnership with Death WES Adams
Across the Rio Bravo WES Stone
Powdere Burn WES Johnstone
Wired F Garwood
Beautiful Tempest F Lindsey
The Ultimatum F Robards
High Stakes F Michaels
Undaunted ROM Palmer
Denim and Diamonds F Macomber
Big Sky Secrets ROM Miller
Camino Island F Grisham
To Kill a Mockingbird F Lee
Cocoa Beach F Williams
The Duchess F Steel

NON-FICTION      JULY    2017
Title Call #
Praise the Lard: Recipes and Fevelations 641.76 Mills
Unofficial Minecraft Lab for Kids 793.932 Miller
Welcome to the Farm 635 Elliott
Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life 577.57 Montgomery
Healing Children 617.9 Newman
20 Ways to Make Every Day Better 248.4 Meyer
American Eclipse 523.7809 Baron
Eclipse: Journeys to the Dark Side of the Moon 523.78 Close
Knocking on Heaven's Door 616.02 Butler
Wine Isn't Rocket Science 641.22 Neiman
Beyond the Plate 641.5092 Galarza
The Bicycle Owner's Manual 796.6 Weiss
Al Franken: Giant of the Senate B Franken/Franken
Driving Miss Norma 306.9092 Bauerschmidt
Democracy in Chains 320.512 MacLean
The Emmaus Code 221.6 Limbaugh
Wolf Nation 599.773 Peterson
The Sum of Small Things 306.4812 Currid-Halkett
A Whole in the Wind 796.6097 Goodrich
Sonata: A Memoir of Pain and the Piano B Avery/Avery
Dare to be Kind 177.7 Velasquez
The Aromatherapy Garden 635.9 Keville
When Young People with Intellectual 
        Disabilities and Autism Hit Puberty 613.9 Jackson/Brown
Feeding your Family's Soul 249 O'Boyle
Tennessee 917.6804 Littman
The Little book Dream Symbols 154.63 Towers
The Modern Yoga Bible 613.7 Brown
Moon Nashville 917.6855 Littman
Memphis 917.6819 Littman
Sting-Ray Aftertnoons B Rushin/Rushin
The Boy Who Loved Too Much 618.92 Latson
Dinner with DiMaggio: Memories of an American Hero B DiMaggio/Positano
The Intelligent Body 610.19 Davies
Astrophysics for People in a Hurry 523.01 Tyson
Weekends with Daisy 362.404 Luttrell
The Stranger She Loved 364.152 Hogan
Lincoln's Battle with God 973.7092 Mansfield
My Gentle Barn 636.08 Laks
The Girl Behind the Door 362.28 Brooks
The Streak: Lou Gehrig, Cal Ripken Jr., 
      and Baseball's Most Historic Record 796.357 Eisenberg
Benjamin Franklin: The Religious Life of a 
      Founding Father 973.3092 Kidd
The Totally Unscientific Study of the 
      Search for Human Happiness 792.76 Poundstone
Do Parents Matter? 649.1 LeVine
The Insulin Express 616.4 Liebermann
Talking Pictures: How to Watch Movies 791.43 Hornaday
Anatomy of Terror 363.325 Soufan
Positive Discipline Parenting Tools 649.1 Nelsen
Parenting Through the Storm 618.92 Douglas
Spit That Out! 649.1 Wolf
If I Had a Parenting Do Over:  7 vital changes I'd Make 649.1 McKee
The Confident Parent 649.1 Scott
I Was Told to Come Alone 363.325 Mekhennet
My European Family, the first 54,000 Years 576.509 Bojs
Miracle Cure, The Creation of Antibiotics 615.7922 Rosen
A Stitch of Time 616.133 Marks
Not Quite What I Was Planning 920.008 Not
The Mind Diet 616.83 Moon
The Troubleshooter's Guide to Do-It-Yourself Genealogy 929.1072 Quillen
Creative Successful Dyslexic 616.9553 Rooke
Raising the Transgender Child 306.974 Angello
Zack George's Dog Training Revolution 636.7 George
Temple Grandin's Guide to Working With Farm Animals 636 Grandin
Polar Bear Town, season 1, 2 discs 599.786 Polar
USO for the Troops 355.1 USO
Giraffes: Africa's gentle giants 599.638 Giraffes
To the Story of Cats 636.8 Story
Chicken People 636.5082 Chicken
Super Hummingbirds 598.764 Super
My Congo 305.269 My
India: Nature's Wonderland 954 India