The worst thing about new books is that they keep us from reading the old ones.  -Joseph Joubert

New Adult Titles

Title Call #
Elevation F King
Black Leopard Red Wolf FAN James
The Dead Ex F Corry
The Killer Collection F Eisler
The Lost Man MYS Harper
The Hiding Place F Tudor
House Arrest F Lawson
The Ring MYS Trow
Playing with Fire MYS Hall
Good Riddance F Lipman
Killer Thriller F Goldberg
The Tattooist of Auschwitz F Morris
Milkman F Burns
Book Artist MYS Pryor
The Wedding Guest MYS Kellerman
Turning Point F Steel
Wew Cast a Shadow F Ruffin
The Last Romantics F Conklin
Stalker MYS Kepler
Connections in Death MYS Robb
Once Fatal Mistake F Hunt
The Blood MYS Thomson
The Accidental Beauty Queen F Wilson
City of Broken Magic FAN Bolender
The Perfect Liar F Greene
The Gown F Robson
Wait For Me INS Warren
Revolution Sunday F Guerra
The Stranger Inside MYS Benedict
Th Night Agent F Quirk
What Doesn't Kill Her F Dodd
The Age of Light F Scharer
The Smoke SciFi Ings
Everything Under F Johnson
Who I Am With You INS Hatcher
We Hope for Better Things INS Bartels
A Bound Heart INS Frantz
The Falcon of Sparta F Iggulden
Watcher in the Woods F Armstrong
Summer Hours at the Robbers Library F Halpern
Bowlaway F McCracken
Judgment F Finder
Snake Oil: It All Comes Around, book 3 WES Galloway
The Last Warrior, book 3 WES Farmer
When You Read This F Adkins
Unquiet F Ullmann
The Ruin of Kings FAN Lyons
The Wedding Guest MYS Kellerman
The Void Protocol F Wilson
The Middleman MYS Steinhauer
Blood Orange F Tyce
The Dreamers F Walker
Deep War F Poyer
An Anonymous Girl F Hendricks
Where the Crawdads Sing F Owens
The Rule of Law MYS Lescroart
King of the Road FAN Belcher
That Churchill Woman F Barron
Out of the Dark F Hurwitz
Daughter of War F Taylor
The Plotters MYS Kim
Never Tell MYS Gardner
The Chef MYS Patterson
The Hanging Psalm MYS Nickson
The Lost Girls of Paris F Jenoff
I Owe You One F Kinsella
Bryant & May: Hall of Mirrors MYS Fowler]
Liars' Paradox F Stevens
The Line Between F Lee
Scrtublands F Hammer
Late in the Day F Hadley
The Paragon Hotel F Faye
The Nowhere Child F White
A Murderous Marriage MYS Maxwell
Cold, Cold Heart MYS Cross
The Girl in the Glass Box F Grippando
The Night Tiger F Choo
An Orchestra of Minorities F Obioma
Vigilance: Stayed Armed. Stay Cautious. Stary Vigilant. SciFi Bennett
What Doesn't Kill Her F Dodd
A People's Future of the United States F People's
Don't Wake Up F Lawler
Elsewhere, Home F Aboulela
As Close to Us As Breathing F Poliner
Chocolate Cream Pie Murder MYS Fluke
A Justified Murder MYS Deveraux
Title Call #
The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous 616.861 Alcoholics
Tropical Blues MYS Woods
The Range Detectives WES Johnstone
The Far Land WES Halleran
Bounty on Bannister WES Newton
Jigger Bunts WES Brand
Renegades of Perdition Range WES Paine
Back With a Vengeance WES Stone
There There F Orange
The Wedding Guest MYS Kellerman
The Conspiracy F Martin
Connections in Death MYS Robb
The Lost Man  MYS Harper
Reason to Breathe INS Raney
The Devil's Waltz WES Wolfe
Hard Ride: short stories WES Kelton
Escape to Fort Abercrombie WES Simar
Call Me Lonesome, book 2 WES Cogburn
True to You INS Wade
Never Tell MYS Gardner
Title Call #
The Modern House Bus 643.29 Mok
All That Heaven Allows: Biography of Rock Hudson B Hudon/Griffin
The Enchanted Hour 372.45 Gurdon
Dressing on the Side 613 London
Influenza 614.5 Brown
The Handmade Teardrop Trailer 629.226 Berger
Modern Patchwork Home 746.46 Denegre
Tiny Houses Built with Recycled Materials 690.837 Mitchell
Tales from Missouri and the Heartland 977.8 Malone
Tiny House Basics 728.37 Engberg
The Modern House Bus 643.29 Mok
Unafraid: Living with Courage and Hope in Uncertain Times 248.86 Hamilton
The Unwinding of the Miracle B Yip-Williams/Yip-Williams
Craftfulness: mend yourself by making things 745.5 Davidson
Am I Dying?! 616.024 Kelly
Democracy Hacked 321.8 Moore
The Martha Manual:How to do (Almost) Everything 640 Stewart
Building Small 690.837 Stiles
77 Things to Know Before Getting a Cat 636.8 Ewing
Crazy:A Father's Search Through America'sMental Health Madness 362.1 Earley
The Jesus I Never Knew 232 Yancey
I Hate You-Don't Leave Me 616.85 Kreisman
Baby-Led Weaning 649.33 Pitman
Notes on a Nervous Planet 616.89 Haig
The Abundance 814.54 Dillard
No Hard Feelings 158.7 Fosslien
If: Trading Your If only Regrets for God's What If Possibilities 248.4 Batterson
Understanding Hepatitis 616.3 Ali
Off the Sidelines B Gillibrand/Gillibrand
Team of Vipers 973.933 Sims
My Life in a Cat House 636.8 Cooper
The End of Ice 577.27 Jamail
My Life Among the Underdogs 636.7 Torres
Empty Planet 304.6 Bricker
No Beast So Fierce 799.2 Huckelbridge
Let Me Finish 974.9 Christie
Bored and Brilliant 153.3 Zomorodi
The Truths We Hold B Harris/Harris
Vanishing Grace 234.1 Yancey
Creating Compassionate Kids 177.7 Tominey
Dreaming in Turtle 597.92 Laufer
Unexampled Courage 323.1196 Gergel
How to be a Good Creature 590 Montgomery
Brain Health as You Age 616.8 Simmons
Food on the Move 625.23 Food
The Tangled Tree: A Radical New History of Life 591.3 Quammen
Act Natural: A Cultural History of Misadventures in Parenting 306.874 Traig
Dreyer's English: A Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style 808.02 Dreyer
The Deadly Deep 359.9 Ballantyne
The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee 970.004 Treuer
Milk of Paradise 362.29 Inglis
Smoky the Brave 355.4 Lewis
Death March Escape 940.53 Hersch
Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive 331.4 Land
Half Truths 230 Hamilton
55, Underemployed, and Faking Normal 332.024 White
Together: A Memoir of a Marriage and a Medical Mishap 811.54 Goldman
Making Sense of the Bible 220.61 Hamilton
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek 508.755 Dillard
The Secret Life of the Human Body 612 Clancy
The Last stand of the Tin Can Sailors 940.54 Hornfischer
Secrets of Great Second Meals 641.55 Dickerman
The Warner Boys 618.928 Warner
Underground: A Human History of the Worlds Beneath our Feet 624.1 Hunt
Out Live Your Life 248.4 Lucado
Overcomer 227.5 Jeremiah
Germany 914.3 Germany
Coastal California 917.9404 Cavalieri
Scotland's Highlands & Islands 914.115 Wilson
The Classical Music Book 781.68 Classical
Churchill: Walking with Destiny B Churchill/Roberts
The Betrayal of Mary, Queen of Scots 942.05 Williams
Liquid Rules 530.42 Miodownik
Parenting Mindfully 649.1 DePino
Playful Learning Lab for Kids 370.155 Heffron
Whose Boat is This Boat? 817 Whose
Infinite Wonder: An Astronaut's Photographs from a Year in Space 779.9523 Kelly