The worst thing about new books is that they keep us from reading the old ones.  -Joseph Joubert

New Adult Titles

FICTION       APRIL   2019
Title Call #
The A List F Jance
An Amish Table INS Amish
Lady Derring Takes a Lover ROM Long
Letters From Peaceful Lane ROM Dailey
This Scot of Mine ROM Jordan
Day of the Dragon ROM MacAllister
Logan's Lady ROM Bittner
One Warm Winter ROM Pope
TheLight Brigade SciFi Hurley
My Lovely Wife F Downing
The American Agent MYS Winspear
Grace After Henry F Shortall
Mustard Seed F Ibrahim
Risky Play ROM Van Dyken
A Thousand Shall Fall INS Boeshaar
Murder by Matchlight MYS Lorac
Knox INS Warren
The Havana Game MYS Lutz
The Women's War FAN Glass
The Parting Glass F Guadagnino
A People's History of Heaven F Subramanian
Murder in an Irish Pub MYS O'Connor
Waiting for Bojangles F Bourdeaut
The Chaos Function SciFi Skillingstead
Murder at the Queen's Old Castle MYS Harrison
Before She Knew Him F Swanson
Redemption Point MYS Fox
Crown Jewel F Reich
Never Let Go INS Goddard
The Perfect Assassin FAN Doore
The Irishman's Daughter F Alexander
A Faithful Gathering INS Gould
Castle on the Rise INS Cambron
The Night Visitors F Goodman
The Alamo Bride INS Y'Barbo
The Sky Above Us INS Sundin
The Seamstress INS Pittman
Sooner or Later Everything Falls into the Sea F Pinsker
The Elephant of Surprise MYS Lansdale
Chronicles of a Radical Hag (with recipes) Landvik
Queenie Carty-Williams
The Tinderbox Lewis
Luna: Moon Rising SciFi McDonald
Chosen People INS Whitlow
In The Belly of Jonah F Brannan
A Wonderful Stroke of Lucj F Beattie
The Spectators F DuBois
The Volunteer F Scibona
The Reckoning WES Wolfe
Fugitive Sheriff WES Massey
The Solace of Water INS Younts
Mahimata FAN Mehrotra
A Desperate Hope INS Camden
Flights of Fancy INS Turano
Today I Am Carey SciFi Shoemaker
Redemption  F Baldacci
The 13-Minute Murder MYS Patterson
Who Slays the Wicked MYS Harrison
Desert Redemption MYS Webb
The Editor F Rowley
Tiamat's Wrath SciFi Corey
The Cliff House ROM Thayne
Lights! Camera! Puzzles! MYS Hall
The Promise of Elsewhere F Leithauser
Over the Fence F Monroe
Bones of the Earth MYS Pattison
Titanshade FAN Stout
The True Queen FAN Cho
A Tender Hope INS Cabot
Girl Most Likely F Collins
Trust Exercise F Choi
Outside Looking In Boyle
Code of Valor INS Eason
The Book of Dreams F George
Legacy of Mercy INS Austin
Lost Roses F Kelly
The Lost History of Dreams F Waldherr
Death of a New American MYS Fredericks
We are Mayhem SciFi Moreci
The Tale Teller MYS Hillerman
The Damascus Road F Parini
Neon Prey MYS Sandford
A Love Mde New INS Fuller
Upon a Burning Throne FAN Banker
The Department of Sensitive Crimes MYS McCall Smith
The Better Sister MYS Burke
Open Carry F Cameron
Black Souls F Criaco
Normal People F Rooney
Naamah F Blake
Safe Haven MYS MacDonald
Feast Your Eyes F Goldberg
The Widening Gyre SciFi Johnston
Miss Julia Takes the Wheel F Ross
Wunderland F Epstein
Loch of the Dead MYS De Muriel
Triple Jeopardy MYS Perry
Delta-V SciFi Suarez
The Affairs of the Falcons F Rivero
The Pandora Room F Golden
The Language if Sycamores F Wingate
The Luminous Dead SciFi Starling
The Dream Peddler F Watson
Condor: The Short Takes F Grady
The Memory House INS Hauck
My Heart Belongs in the Blue Ridge: Laurel's Dream INS Basham
Flowers of Mold F Ha
The Book of Flora SciFi Elison
Bluff F Hitchcock
Machines Like Me F McEwan
Emily Eternal SciFi Wheaton
Forever Wolf ROM Vale
Lone Rider ROM Daniels
Unforgiven ROM Daniels
Cardwell Ranch Trespasser & Bik Sky Standoff ROM Daniels
Strawberry Hill ROM Anderson
That Summer Place ROM That
Swimming for Sunlight F Larkin
Fumbled ROM Martin
Hitmen I Have Known MYS James
Fall Back Down When I Die F Wilkins
The Parisian F Hammad
Henry, Himself F O'Nan
The 18th Abduction MYS Patterson
Far and Away F Michaels
Willing to Die F Jackson
Title Call #
Six in the Wheel WES Leslie
Wolves of Eden WES McCarthy
Black Range Revenge WES Groves
When I Die WES McCord
Deep Harbor F Michaels
Dark Tribute F Johansen
The Fifth Doctrine F Robards
Wild Card  MYS Woods
A Lethal Legacy F Graham
Sixgun Town WES Martin
The Man From Nowhere WES Olsen
Pistol Law WES Lehman
Absaroka Valley WES Paine
The Duel WES Tippette
Gambler's Odds WES Flynn
The First Lady MYS Patterson
The Cornwalls Are Gone MYS Patterson
Blood Oath MYS Fairstein
Map of the Heart ROM Wiggs
Torture of the Mountain Man WES Johnstone
Wild Justice WES Estleman
Hellgate WES Cox
Line of Glory WES Clagett
The Tinderbox INS Lewis
Letters From Peaceful Lane ROM Dailey
Two Weeks INS Kingsbury
When You Are Near INS Peterson
Hot Rain ROM Martin
NON-FICTION      APRIL    2019
Title Call #
The Mindful Day 155.4 Cameron
Elements of Family Style 747 Gates
Powerful Perennials 635.9 Secrist
Pure 261.8 Klein
Simply Beautiful Photographs 779 Griffiths
Space Atlas 520.22 Trefil
Perspective 747.092 Gambrel
Leaf Supply 635.965 Camilleri
Decorating With Plants 635.9 Chapman
The Prairie Homestead Cookbook 641.5977 Winger
The Secret Wisdom of Nature 508 Wohlleben
Lights On 613.69 Yago
Sweet Nature 641.68 Dooley
Junk Beautiful: She Sheds 728.9 Whitney
Nature Play at Home 796.083 Striniste
The Animal Kingdom: a collection of portraits 779.32 Ford
Coastal Carolinas 917.56 Morekis
Grow What You Love 635 Murphy
Building Small Barns, Sheds & Shelters 690.89 Burch
How to Build Animal Housing 636.08 Ekarius
The Real Wallis Simpson B Simpson/Pasternak
Mafia Spies 973.922 Maier
Pet Health, Behavior, and Happiness 636.088 Weitzman
The League of Wives 959.704 Lee
Hunting El Chapo 364.1 Hogan
Bless the Children 811.54 James
Stony The Road 073.049 Gates
The War for the Common Soldier 973.74 Carmichael
Girl, Stop Apologizing 158.1082 Hollis
Camelot's End 324.973 Ward
A Random Walk Down Wall Street 332.63 Malkiel
The Total Money Makeover 332.024 Ramsey
A Book of Bees 638.1 Hubbell
Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia 616.8 Sabat
Make Your Own Living Trust 346.7305 Clifford
a Dog Named Beautiful 359.9 Kugler
Rick Steves': The Holy Land, 2 discs 915.6 Rick
Rick Steves' Europe: 11 New Shows 2013-2014, 2 discs 914.04 Rick
Rick Steves' Europe: 12 New Shows 2015-2016,  2 discs 914.04 Rick
Rick Steves' Europe: 10 New Shows 2017-2018, 2 discs 914.04 Rick
Rick Steves' European Easter 394.2667 Rick
Sentimental Reflections, series 2, spring edition, 2005 973 Sentimental
Travel with Kids, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands 917.29 Travel
Martin Luther, The Idea 230.4109 Martin
Here I Stand: The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther 284.1 Here