The worst thing about new books is that they keep us from reading the old ones.  -Joseph Joubert

New Adult Titles

FICTION          DECEMBER    2019
Title Call #
Kill Order F McSporran
Revolution FAN Goodwater
My Brother's Destroyer F Lindemuth
Mosaic F Ramsay
A Lush and Seething Hell F Jacobs
The Andromeda Evolution F Wilson
Beataing About the Bush F Beaton
Genesis F Cook
The Stationery Shop F Kamali
Finding Lady Enderly INS Politano
One Good Deed F Baldacci
The Second Sleep F Harris
Realm of Ash FAN Suri
Gathering the Threads INS Woodsmall
Shatter the Night MYS Littlejohn
The Family Upstairs F Jewell
Salvation Lost SciFi Hamilton
Trail of Echoes MYS Hall
The Chocolate Shark Shenanigans MYS Carl
Galway Girl MYS Bruen
The Bishop's Bedroom F Chiara
Class Mom F Gelman
Love Without End F Bragg
The Accomplice F Kanon
City if Saviors MYS Hall
Skies of Ash MYS Hall
Dead Cold Brew F Coyle
The Starless Sea F Morgenstern
Dead At First Sight MYS James
Nothing More Dangerous MYS Eskens
Let Justice Descend MYS Black
36 Righteous Men F Pressfield
This Is Happiness F Williams
Sword of Kings F Cornwell
An Amish Christmas Bakery INS Amish
Fraying at the Edge INS Woodsmall
Meg & Jo F Kantra
Reputation F Shepard
The Bright Unknown INS Younts
Not the Girl You Marry ROM Christopher
Regretting You F Hoover
I Lost My Girlish Laughter F Allen
Since She Went Away F Bell
Title Call #
A Minute to Midnight F Baldacci
Comanche Sunrise WES Wolfe
Wyoming Heart ROM Palmer
Rosary without Beads WES Holguin-Balogh
A Jense Family Christmas WES Johnstone
Contention and Other Frontier Stories WES Contention
A Snowy Little Christmas ROM Snowy
Verity: The Sugar Baron's Daughters INS Bergren
Texas Jeopardy WES Griffin
Clattering Hoofs WES Raine
The Language of Hoofbeats F Hyde
Delayed Justice INS Putman
American Duchess F Harper
Paranoid F Jackson
Imperfect Justice INS Putman
One More River to Cross INS Kirkpatrick
Game of Snipers F Hunter
River to Redemption INS Gabhart
Bucko WES Farrell
The Running Horses WES Grove
The Guardian Derailers WES Cole
Frontier America WES Johnstone
Gut Shot WES Overholser
Massacre at Crow Creek Crossing WES West
Buckskin, Bloomers, and ME WES Boggs
Ghost-Town Gold WES MacDonald
Title Call #
A Pilgrimage to Eternity 263 Egan
Crisis of Conscience: Whistleblowing in an Age of Fraud 364.16 Mueller
Tell Me a Story, My Life with Pat Conroy 813.54 King
Cherish: The One Word That Changes Everything for Your Marriage 248.844 Thomas
Going Over Home 338.1097 Thompson
Spying on Whales 599.5 Pyenson
Still Here: The Madcap Nervy, Singular Life of Elaine Stritch B Stritch/Jacobs
A Warning 973.933 Warning
Stephen King At thhe Movies 791.43 Nathan
American Cuisine and How It Got That Way 641.5973 Freedman
Running with Sherman 636.1 McDougall
Arkansas: Off the Beaten Path 917.67 DeLano
Fodor's Paris 2020 914.4 Fodor's
The Diagnosis Female 613 Dwass
Eulogies Unspoken 242.4 McIntyre
Caring For Day with Love and Tomatoes B McIntyre/McIntyre
Spitballs From the Back Row 379.2 Campbell
A Guide to College Success for Post-traditional Students 374 Guide
Our Wild Calling 615.8 Louv
Save the Last Dance 598.6 Paothong
The Plot to Betray America 973.933 Nance
Justice: Military Tribunals in Civil War Missouri 977.8 King
Unfollow 286.5 Phelps-Roper
Religion As We Know It: an origin story 200.9 Miles
Impeach: The Case Against Donald Trump 973.933 Katyal
Dreams of El Dorado 978.02 Brands
Talk Radio's America 384.54 Rosenwald
Re-Bisoning the West 639.979 Repanshek
Grief Works: Stories of Life, Death, and Survuvimg 155.937 Samuel
Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls 305.235 Pipher
The Kindness Method 152.3 Izadi
Sprout Lands: Tending the Endless Gift of  582.16 Logan
National Geographic Atlas of the National Parks 917.304 Waterman
Kindness and Wonder 791.45 Edwards
For Small Creatures Such as We 390.0973 Sagan
Rhythms of Renewal 248.8 Lyons
Children of Perdition 973.040 Hashaw
The Spirit of Conservation 333.72 Spirit