The worst thing about new books is that they keep us from reading the old ones.  -Joseph Joubert

New Adult Titles

FICTION       APRIL   2018
Title Call #
I've Got My Eyes onYou MYS Clark
The Road Home INS Lewis
Hold Back the Dark MYS Hooper
Why Kill the Innocent MYS Harris
A Necessary Evil MYS Mukherjee
Laura & Emma F Greathead
Last Ferry Home F Harrington
The Overstory F Powers
The Darkling Bride F Andersen
The Way I Die F Haas
The Break F Vermette
Stone Mad FAN Bear
Pillar to the Sky F Forstchen
The Cutting Edge MYS Deaver
The Sixth Day F Coulter
Shoot First MYS Woods
It Started with a Kiss ROM Adair
Every Little Kiss ROM Adair
The Bishop's Pawn F Berry
The Third Victim F Margolin
After Anna F Scottoline
The Disappeared MYS Box
An American Marriage F Jones
The Affliction F Gutcheon
The Italian Teacher F Rachman
Alternate Side F Quindlen
I'll Be Your Blue Sky F De Los Santos
To Die But Once MYS Winspear
The Knowledge MYS Grimes
The Wife Between Us F Hendricks
Unbury Carol F Malerman
Every Note Played F Genova
Gods of Howl Mountain F Brown
Let's No One Get Hurt F Pineda
Widow's Point F Chizmar
The Fallen F Baldacci
Darker F James
Four of a Kind MYS Kessler
Keturah INS Bergren
Seams Like Murder MYS Hechtman
Yarn to Go MYS Hechtman
I Hooks  Could Kill MYS Hechtman
His Wicked Charm ROM Camp
Luckiest Cowboy of All ROM Brown
The First Family F Palmer
Tangerine F Mangan
Then She Was Gone F Jewell
The Saint of Wolves and Butchers MYS Grecian
The City of Lost Fortunes FAN Camp
Jackrabbit Smile MYS Lansdale
The Dark Side of Town MYS Hill
The Elizas F Shepard
The Golden Vial FAN Locke
The Last Stand MYS Spillane
Marry in Scandal ROM Gracie
Hello Stranger ROM Kleypas
No Earls Allowed ROM Galen
A Rogue on Her Own ROM Burrowes
Madness Is Better Than Defeat F Beauman
All The Beautiful Lies F Swanson
Twenty-One Days MYS Perry
A Nantucket Wedding F Thayer
Before Everything F Redel
Our Little Secret F Nay
American by Day F Miller
Paris by the Book F Callanan
The Female Persuasion F Wolitzer
The Punishment She Deserves MYS George
If These Walls Could Talk WES Crownover
Lawn Boy F Evison
Miss Julia Raises the Roof F Ross
The Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse F McCall Smith
The Chocolate Moose Motive MYS Carl
Hellgate WES Cox
Cave of Bones MYS Hillerman
Happiness F Forna
Varina F Frazier
Let Me Lie F Mackintosh
True Fiction F Goldberg
Wild Strawberries F Thirkell
A Most Noble Heir INS Mason
A Place at Our Table INS Clipston
Words from the Heart INS Fuller
Plain Confession MYS Miller
Morning on Main ROM Thomas
Extreme Honor ROM Drake
Her Perfect Affair ROM Oliveras
Moondance Beach ROM Donovan
Ultimate Courage ROM Drake
The Accidentl Guardian INS Connealy
Digging In F Nyhan
Red Alert MYS Patterson
Shattered Mirror F Johansen
The 17th Suspect MYS Patterson
Girls Don't F Ragland
Together Forever INS Hedlund
Title Author
Shoot First MYS Woods
The Cheyenne Pool WES Patten
Winter Moon WES Paine
Hang Him Twice WES Johnstone
Gunsight Range WES MacDonald
The Road Home INS Lewis
Duel to the Death MYS Jance
A Dangerous Game F Graham
I've Got My Eyes On You MYS Clark
Sweet Vengeance F Michaels
Accidental Heroes F Steel
Gunfighters in Hell WES Brand
The Landseekers WES Elston
Beyond Danger ROM Martin
Red Alert MYS Patterson
After Anna F Scottoline
The Sixth Day F Coulter
Blood of the Devil WES Farmer
The Bloody Spur WES Spillane
Revenger WES Leslie
The Outfit WES Mayo
Shallow Grave F Harper
NON-FICTION       APRIL    2018
Title Call #
Alan Turing: The Enigma B Turing/Hodges
Debbie Macomber's Table 641.5 Macomber
Niki Jabbour's Veggie Garden Remix 635 Jabbour
The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook for Your Instant Pot 641.5636 Hester
Social Security for Dummies 368.43 Peterson
The Handy American Government Answer Book 320.473 Misiroglu
Don't Call Me Princess 305.42 Orenstein
How Do I Explain This to My Kids? 649.1097 Swong
The Read-Aloud Family 372.6 Mackenzie
Harry: Life, Loss, and Love B Harry/Nicholl
The Rough Patch: Marriage and the Art of Living Together 306.81 De Marneffe
Beyond the Baby Blues 618.76 Fox
An American Farmer B Ikerd/Ikerd
The Power of Transcendental Meditation 158.125 Roth
Natural Causes 306.9 Ehrenreich
Box of Butterfilies 248.4 Downey
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking 155.232 Cain
Bringing Columbia Home 363.12 Leinbach
Paul: A Biography B Paul/Wright
I Am, I Am, I Am 823.914 O'Farrell
DNA, The Story of the Genetic Revolution 576.5 Watson
Medicare for Dummies 364.426 Barry
Pregnancy: Day By Day 618.2 Pregnancy
Blood Moon 975.004 Sedgwick
Birds of the Photo Ark 778.9 Sartore
The Age of Eisenhower 973.921 Hitchcock
Instant Pot Cookbook 641.587 Instant
No Immediate Danger: Volume one of Carbon Ideologies 363.1799 Vollmann
The Complete Magnolia Bakery Cookbook 641.8 Torey
Easy Homemade Cookie Cookbook 641.5 Couse
The Lessons of Ubuntu 305.8 Mathabane
Happy Together 646.17 Pawelski
Flea Market Style 747 Chalmers
Troubleshooting & Maintaining Your PC: All-In-One for Dummies 004.1602 Gookin
Android Phones & Tablets for Dummies 004.167 Gookin
Guinness World Records 2018 050 Guinness
Year-Round Vegetable Gardener 635 Jabbour
Cabin In The Woods 728.73 Kylloe
Magnolia Table 641.5975 Gaines
The Roaring Roubidox 917.778 Slais
Kind is the New Classy 241.4 Bure
A Higher Loyalty 363.25 Comey
Dread the Fred 629.892 Ragland
Onondaga Cave 977.862 Slais
The Ozarks: Just That Much Hillbilly in Me 917.671 Ozarks