The worst thing about new books is that they keep us from reading the old ones.  -Joseph Joubert

New Adult Titles

FICTION       JUNE   2019
Title Call #
The White City INS Hitchcock
Ask Again, Yes F Keane
The Flight Portfolio F Orringer
The Electric Hotel F Smith
Passion on Park Avenue ROM Layne
The Favorite Daughter F Henry
Ayesha at Last F Jalaluddin
On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous F Vuong
Dead End MYS Spencer
Into the Jungle F Ferencik
Dark Site F Lee
The Flatshare ROM O'Leary
Smitten by the Brit ROM Johnson
Skin Game MYS Woods
Whiskers in the Dark MYS Brown
UnSolved MYS Patterson
The Restaurant at the end of the Universe SciFI Adams
The Satapur Moonstone F Massey
The Lost Letters of William Woolf F Cullen
Finding Home ROM Greiman
The Paris Diversion F Pavone
Westside MYS Akers
Assassin of Shadows MYS Goldstone
This Storm F Ellroy
Some Choose Darkness F Donlea
Game of Bones MYS Haines
The Book Supremacy MYS Carlisle
A Dagger Before Me MYS Dams
The Body in the Castle Well MYS Walker
Fall or, Dodge in Hell SciFi Stephenson
The Sentence is Death MYS Horowitz
Searching for Sylvie Lee F Kwok
Murder in Bel-Air MYS Black
Louise's Crossing MYS Shaber
Their Little Secret F Billingham
The Yankee Widow F Miller
Gather the Fortunes FAN Camp
The Gordian Protocol SciFi Weber
Paris, 7 A.M. F Weiland
My Life as a Rat F Oates
Queen Bee F Frank
Springtime at Hope Cottage ROM Rains
The Number of Love INS White
Six-Gun Law WES Reasoner
The Organs of Sense F Sachs
Flight of the Hawk: The Plains WES Gear
The Oracle F Cussler
Passage to Dawn FAN Salvatore
The Rogue of Fifth Avenue ROM Shupe
Natalie Tan's Book of Luck & Fortune F Lim
The Refuge INS Gabhart
Sold on a Monday F McMorris
Recursion F Crouch
The Summoning F Graham
The Spies of Shilling Lane F Ryan
The Friends We Keep F Green
Robert B. Parker's Buckskin MYS Knott
The Disappearance of Alistair Ainsworth MYS Goldberg
The Islanders F Moore
Pharaoh F Smith
Fix Her Up ROM Bailey
Lost and Found F Steel
Paranoid F Jackson
The Fall of Gondolin F Tolkien
The Lemon Sisters ROM Shalvis
A Second Chance INS Byler
City of girls F Gilbert
Prairie Fever F Parker
The Lesson: a novel SciFi Turnbull
The Body Lies F Baker
The Gone Dead F Benz
Big Sky F Atkinson
The Porpoise, a novel F Haddon
Sidney Sheldon's The Silent Widow MYS Bagshawe
Summer of '69 F Hilderbrand
Cari Mora F Harris
The Summer Guests F Monroe
The Tenth Muse F Chung
The Last House Guest MYS Miranda
Conviction MYS Mina
Sister's of Summer's End ROM Foster
Blood Relations F Moore
Whose Waves These Are INS Dykes
The Friend Zone ROM Jimenez
The Heart of a King INS Smith
Mail-order Mishaps INS Mail-order
Title Call #
The Yankee Widow F Miller
The A List MYS Jance
Blessing in Disguise F Steel
The 18th Abduction MYS Patterson
Fancy Dancer F Michaels
The Fall of Abilene WES Boggs
Roads of Doubt WES Raine
Hellsgrin WES Frazee
Dark Territory WES McCauley
Guns at Broken Bow WES Heuman
See You in the Piazza 914.504 Mayes
The Perfect Summer F Rice
Skull Mesa, a Western Story WES Overholser
Beyond Control ROM Martin
Skin Game MYS Woods
The Oracle F Cussler
Wherever you go INS Peterson
The First Mountain Man:  Preacher's Rage WES Johnstone
Black Trails and Bloody Murder WES Brandvold
A Sinster Splendor WES Blakely
Rage For Vengeance WES Richards
Shadow Warrior F Feehan
The Little French Bistro F George
Unsolved MYS Patterson
The Endearment F Spencer
The Book of Dreams F George
As You Wish F Deveraux
NON-FICTION      JUNE    2019
Title Call #
The Girl in the Treehouse B Asbenson/Asbenson
The Flower Book 745.92 Siegfried
Mutual Rescue 636.088 Novello
Mrs. Moreau's Warbler 598.014 Moss
Boy Erased: a memoir of identity, faith and family B Conley/Conley
Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity 248.4 Tebow
Marriageology 306.81 Luscombe
Forever and Ever, Amen B Travis/Travis
Honorable Exit 959.704 Clarke
Southwest Road Trip 917.9043 Hull
Introverted Mom 248.4 Martin
Lucky Charm Quilts 746.46 Alexander
Play Hungry, the making of a baseball player B Rose/Rose
Mantle, the best there ever was B Mantle/Castro
After Life 365.7 Johnson
Moneyland 364.1 Bullough
The Year Germany Lost the War:1941 940.54 Nagorski
The Road to Character 170.44 Brooks
A History of the Bible 220.9 Barton
The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook 641.59 Complete
The Nazi Hunters 940.53 Nagorski
Citizens of London 940.54 Olson
The Life of Dad 306.874 Finkel
The Hidden History of Guns and the Second Amendment 344.73 Hartmann
Fifteen Spirituals That Will Change Your Life 782.25 Carrigan
Wyoming 917.87 Walker
Montana 917.86 Walker
Pilgrim, You Find the Path By Walking 811.54 Waker
Send My Roots Rain 242.4 Langley
Putting Joy into Practice 248.46 Mikhail
Prayer Spa: ancient treatments for the modern soul 248.32 Rich
Connecting Generations 305.2 Herring
Fire in the Sky 523.44 Dillow
See You in the Piazza 945.093 Mayes
KD: Kevin Durant's Relentless Pursuit to be the Greatest B Durant/Thompson
Florida & The South's Best Trips 917.504 Karlin
Lake of the Ozarks B 977.8 Geist
Lies We Believe About God 231 Young
The Making of a Justice: Reflections on my first 94 years B Stevens/Stevens
Jim Harrison: The Essential Poems 811.54 Harrison
Tea With the Dames 792.02 Tea
Baldknobber, a true story 977.8 Baldknobber
Ancient Aliens, season 7, 3 discs 001.942 Ancient
A Brief History of Time 530.092 Brief
Witness: DC 9/11 973.931 Witness
Sentimental Reflections, series 14, Spring Edition 973 Sentimental
Sentimental Reflections, series 15, Autumn Edition 973 Sentimental
Sentimental Reflections, series 15, Winter Edition 973 Sentimental
Kids and the Church Year 268.432 Kids