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FICTION        APRIL  2017
Title Call #
All By Myself, Alone MYS Clark
If I'm Found INS Blackstock
Man Overboard MYS Jance
If I'm Found INS Blackstock
Saints of the Shadow Bible MYS Rankin
The Practice House F McNeal
White Witch F Goudge
The Schooldays of Jesus F Coetzee
The World to Come F Shepard
Brazen MYS Estleman
The Nearness of You F Ward
Nine Women, One Dress F Rosen
My not so Perfect Live F Kinsella
Miss Jane F Watson
The Virginity of Famous Men F Sneed
Buried in the Country MYS Dunn
Vicious Circle MYS Box
Bad Blood F Oldham
Take Back the Sun SciFi Bear
Last Day on Earth  F Puchner
Miramar Bay MYS Bunn
Forever a Hero ROM Miller
The Killing Bay MYS Ould
The Grub Rider WES Work
Billy Pinto's War, book 6 WES Zimmer
How I Became a North Korean F Lee
Pekoe Most Poison MYS Childs
Another Brooklyn F Woodson
Silver & Salt F Dymott
Lenin's Roller Coaster F Downing
The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley F Tinti
The Secrets of Gaslight Lane MYS Kasasian
Mangrove Lightning F White
The Regulars  F Clark
Murder on the Serpentine MYS Perry
Leave Me F Forman
Lunch With Buddha F Merullo
The Burial Hour MYS Deaver
One Perfect Lie F Scottoline
Two From the Heart F Patterson
The Shadow Queen, book 5 ROM Small
About That Man ROM Woods
Garrett ROM Miller
Starting Over on Blackberry Lane ROM Roberts
Beach Season ROM Beach
Spymaster FAN Weis
Before the War F Weldon
The Adventures of John Carson in Several 
     Quarters of  the World F Doyle
Denny's Law MYS Gunn
Her Secret: The Amish of Hart County INS Gray
The Lost Order F Berry
Conviction MYS Dahl
Our Short History F Grodstein
Earthly Remains MYS Leon
Silence Fallen FAN Briggs
The Elusive Miss Ellison INS Miller
The Thorn Keeper INS Basham
The Thorn Bearer INS Basham
The Thorn Healer INS Basham
The Fix F Baldacci
Fast and Loose MYS Woods
Any Day Now ROM Carr
American War F Akkad
Good Time Coming F Harris
Bad Seeds MYS Mackenzie
To the Farthest Shores INS Camden
Where the Dead Lie MYS Harris
A Gentleman in Moscow F Towles
Miss You F Eberlen
Fallout MYS Paretsky
Cold Welcome SciFi Moon
Long Black Veil MYS Boylan
Heretics F Padura
The Shadow Land F Kostova
Song of the Lion MYS Hillerman
Change Agent F Suarez
The Mother's Promise F Hepworth
The River of Kings F Brown
The Ends of the Earth F Goddard
The Red Hunter F Unger
War Cry F Smith
Ararat F Golden
Hekla's Children F Brogden
Dinner with Buddha F Merullo
Breakfast with Buddha F Merullo
Sandpiper Cove INS Hannon
The Choice INS Fisher
Devil's Breath MYS Malliet
Anything Is Possible F Strout
A Line Made by Walking F Baume
Days Without End F Barry
Living in the Weather of the World F Bausch
The Return SciFi Helmreich
Ominous F Jackson
Golden Prey MYS Sandford
High Stakes F Michaels
No Easy Target F Johansen
Deep Dark MYS Griffin
Immortal Unchained ROM Sands
Lady Claire Is All That ROM Rodale
Darkest Before Dawn F Banks
The Scottish Duke ROM Ranney
Left at the Altar ROM Brownley
Breathless ROM Jenkins
Breaath of Fire ROM Bouchet
How to Train Your Highlander ROM English
Wild Ride ROM Walker
By Break of Day ROM Buchman
Flood Tide F Cussler

Title Author
Every Wild Heart F Donohue
All By Myself, Alone MYS Clark
Forever a Hero ROM Miller
Monahan's Massacre WES Johnstone
Dead Man's Canon WES Paine
Fighting Blood WES Young
Justice, My Brother WES Keene
The English Son: Part 1 of 6 INS Brunstetter
The Betrayed Fiancee: Part 3 of 6 INS Brunstetter
The Missing Will: Part 4 of 6 INS Brunstetter
The Divided Family: Part 5 of 6 INS Brunstetter
The Selfless Act: Part 6 of 6 INS Brunstetter
The Women in the Castle F Shattuck
Bound Together F Feehan
Sun Boy WES Steelman
Travis: a Western Duo WES Flynn

NON-FICTION      APRIL    2017
Title Call #
Salvage Style: Decorate with Vintage Finds 747.1 Linsley
Prefabulous Small Houses 728 Koones
The Way Home 747.092 Bilhuber
Early American Country Interiors 747.0973 Tanner
Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs 636.7 Olson
The Deplorables' Guide to Making America Great Again 306.0973 Starnes
Catherine of Aragon: the Spanish Queenof Henry VIII B Catherine/Tremlett
Isabella of Castile: Europe's First Great Queen B Isabella/Tremlett
No One Cares About Crazy Peope 362.26 Powers
Wise Craft Quilts 746.46 Stocker
Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden 635.966 Benzakein
Essential Pruning Techniques: Trees, Shrubs, Conifers 635.9 Brown
Container Gardens: Over 200 Fresh Ideas 635.986 Container
Flea Market Style 747 Flea
A Long Way Home B Brierley/Brierley
The First Love Story: Adam, Eve, and Us 222.11 Feiler
This Life I Live B Feek/Feek
She Sheds: A Room of Your Own 725.372 Kotite
Old Home Love 747.88 Meredith
Enduring Vietnam: an American generation and its war 959.704 Wright
Botanical Style 747.98 Lake
1368 Days: An American POW in WWII Japan B Marshall/Marshall
Essential Oils 615.3219 Curtis
Food Freedom Forever 613.2 Hartwig
Neighbor Law: Fences, Trees, Boundaries & Noise 346.7304 Doskow
Simply Clean 648.5 Rapinchuk
National Geographic: Backyard Guide to Insects & Spiders
      of North America 595.7097 Evans
Pushcart Prize XLI 2017: Best of the Small presses 810.8 Pushcart 2017
Greening Your Home: Successful Eco-Renovation Strategies 643.1 Teuwen
50 States 5000 Ideas 917.304 Yogerst
Dog Songs 811.54 Oliver
Finding Calm for the Expectant Mom 618.2 Domar
On Becoming Babywise: giving your infant the gift of
      nighttime sleep 649.122 Ezzo
Simple Decorating: 50 ways to inspire your home 747 Michaels
Understanding Autism 618.9285 Williams
National Geographic: The Photo Ark 779.32 Sartore
The Pregnancy Encyclopedia: All your questions answered 618.24 Pregnancy
Bathroom Upgrades 643.52 Bathroom
New Kitchen Idea Book 690.44 Paper
Down City: A Daughter's Story of Love, Memory, and Murder B Carroll/Carroll
Upstream: selected Essays 814.54 Oliver
The Songs of Trees 577.3 Haskell
Penguin the Magpie: the odd little bird who saved a family 362.4 Bloom
Live Better While You Age 613.2 Jones
Monarchs and Milkweed 595.78 Agrawal
Old School: Life in the Sane Lane 070.92 O'Reilly
Back Over There 940.4 Rubin
An American Sickness 362.1097 Rosenthal
The Fifth Trimester 306.36 Brody
The World Remade: America in World War I 940.373 Meyer
My Fellow Soldiers 940.4127 Carroll
A World Undone: The Story of the Great War, 1914 to 1918 940.3 Meyer
The Complete Book of Clean: Tips & Techniques for Your Home 648.5 Hammersley
Hom Decor Cheat Sheets 645 Probus
Thunder in the Mountains: Chief Joseph, Oliver Otis Howard,
        and the Nez Perce War 979.5004 Sharfstein
The Gulf:  The Making of an American Sea 909.0963 Davis
The Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff 
       define every presidency 973.92 Whipple
H. H. Holmes: The True History of the White City Devil 364.1523 Selzer
Protestants: The Faith That Made the Modern World 280.409 Ryrie
It's the Little Things 747 Salk
Coping with Anxiety 616.8522 Bourne
When Someone You Know Has Depresssion 616.8527 Noonan
Ice Age Giants 560.1792 Ice
Gleason 616.8 Gleason
Requiem for the American Dream 305.552 Requiem
Catholic Spiritual Practices 248.4802 Catholic
Kids & The Sacraments: Baptism, Reconciliation,
       Communion, Confirmation 264.2 Overbeck
Six Million Steps: A Journey Inward 917.9 Six


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