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Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Reservation Form

In keeping with the Library’s Mission and core values, meeting rooms are available for use by the public when not needed for Library purposes.

Use of the Library Meeting Rooms in no way constitutes endorsement by the Library staff or Board of Trustees of the viewpoints presented or of the policies or beliefs of those using the meeting room.

All meeting rooms are Americans with Disabilities Act compliant.

The following regulations apply to the use of the meeting rooms and any departure must be made only by the written authorization of the Library Director or appointed Library staff designee, authorized to make change.

General Regulations:

Patrons using the meeting rooms are required to comply with all Patron Behavior regulations as spelled out in the Library Employee Manual. Admission charges may not be charged without authorization.
Groups may not tape or otherwise affix anything to the walls of the Library meeting rooms. No glitter, sand or confetti are allowed.
The meeting rooms must be locked and closing procedures followed.
Meetings must be open to anyone wishing to attend but attendance must be limited to a number that would conform to local fire
No open flames (candles, etc.) allowed.
Gambling of any kind is prohibited in the building.
The Library reserves the right to vary policies to better serve the citizens of Lebanon and Laclede County.
Permission to use a meeting room is not transferrable.


Library programs and library related programs have priority in the use of the facilities. The Library reserves the right to relocate a group to a different meeting room.
Meetings shall be for civic, educational, or cultural purposes.
Meetings that may disturb regular library functions shall not be scheduled. Except for library or library related programs, groups shall not schedule the use the rooms for meetings occurring on a regular basis for more than 6 months.
Groups may reserve the room for the following 6 months, if that time slot is available.


Rooms shall be scheduled for meetings during regular library hours.
The Library requires everyone to be out of the building by 8:00 p.m. The front doors automatically lock as you leave.
The Library may cancel any meeting due to adverse weather conditions or emergency reasons. In no event shall the Library be liable for any damages that may arise out of the Library’s cancellation of the meeting under this section.
Meetings must be scheduled in advance and the coordinator of the meeting must complete the meeting room request form that is available at the Circulation Desk or on our website:


Application and Cancellation:

Application to reserve a room must be made to the library by an adult, at least 18 years old, who must be in attendance at any group function and accept responsibility for the actions of the group.
Application should be made at least a week in advance. The reservations will be taken in the order they are received.
Reservation must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to notify the Library of cancellation will result in the forfeiture of any paid fees.
The Library reserves the right to reject any application and withdraw previously granted permission or future reservations for use of the facility for consistently failing to appear on scheduled meeting dates or not abide by any of the meeting room policies.
Any information not completed on the application will not guarantee a reserved room(s).
Permission to use the meeting room(s) does not constitute a lease.
The Library may cancel any meeting due to adverse weather conditions or emergency reasons. In no event shall the library be liable for any damage that may arise out of the cancellation of the meeting under this section.
Any group using the Library meeting room space must pay for all damage to Library property resulting from the group’s use. Damage to Library property may result in the group being prohibited from using the Library facilities in the future.



A $20 /per room fee is payable in advance for those who have any kind of food in the room. There is no charge for drinks.
The group scheduling is responsible for arranging for delivery and pickup of leftover food and equipment at the end of the meeting.
The group is responsible for returning the room to its original setting, including removing any trash.
NOTE: All caterers must furnish a certificate of insurance with liability limit of $1 million or more to Library prior to function.


Meeting Room Fees:

Fees for the use of the meeting rooms will apply to groups, organizations or clubs who are using the rooms for sales, future sales, offerings, returns on investments and promotion of products.
Fees for the use of the meeting room will not apply for groups, organizations or clubs who are not using the rooms for sales, future sales, offerings, returns on investments or the promotion of products for the first four(4) hours of use. Additional time will be at the rates listed below.
The Library Board, the Library Director or the designee may waive a fee for the room when it is deemed in the best interest of the Library.



Equipment Use/Availability:

The Library is equipped with free guest WIFI throughout.  Connect to the wireless network named "Library Public" for free access.
With the flip of a switch, a 12 x 12 screen will come down for a projector in the Joan True Room, Dan True Room and Computer Lab.


NOTE ABOUT THE PROJECTOR: There are two (2) methods for using the projector with a computer. 

Method 1:  Your laptop can use its WiFi connection to connect to the projector. This enables what is showing on your laptop to be projected onto the screen. You will not be able to project a video or presentation streamed from the internet while using the WiFi connection to the projector. You will need to have your presentation or video on the laptop, disc, or USB. To use this method the pojector must be on the HDMI1 input.

Method 2:  Alternatively, there is a hard-wired HDMI cable in the kitchenette that may be used to connect to the projector and retain Internet access at the same time.  For this to work the projector needs to be be switched to the HDMI2 input.
Additional tables and chairs may be used at no cost.

Meeting Room Set Up Fees:

Each room has a standard set up of 12 chairs and 2 tables. If this is the set up requested, there are no fees for setup.
A fee of $25 will be assessed to groups who request special set up by Library staff. The set up request must be made at the time of application.
If the group does not leave the room in the standard meeting room set up upon exiting the meeting room, a fee may be assessed or deposit forfeited.

Dan True Room Capacity:
150 standing, 80 seated 40 w/ tables and chairs Cost: See Chart

Joan True Room Capacity:
150 standing, 80 seated 40 w/ tables and chairs Cost: See Chart

Dan and Joan True Combined Capacity:
300 standing, 200 seated 100 w/ tables and chairs Cost: See Chart. This room is available by opening the foldout wall divider thus creating a larger meeting room. Each of these meeting rooms above has a kitchenette with a sink, electrical outlets and storage space.

Benage Room Capacity:
50 standing, 35 seated 25 w/ tables and chairs Cost: See Chart

Lab Capacity:
25 w/ tables and chairs Cost: See chart above


Study Rooms:
There are Study Rooms available. Study Rooms are first come first serve, however we do allow rooms to be reserved. Priority is given to research and the Literacy Council tutors. Contact the Laclede Literacy Council about tutoring sessions at (417) 532-6697 or visit their office in the Library.