Reading brings us unknown friends.  -Honoré de Balzac

Lebanon-Laclede County Library Board Members

Greg Turner
Mike Simpson
Bob Mitchell
Bobby Scoby
Susan Mott
Bill Wheeler
Mary Ann Campbell
Christine Hutson
Bailee Winterrowd


A little history on our Library

We started out as the Shakespeare Club in 1896 with 50 books. These books were kept in a cabinet in the home of Mrs. Mary Wallace for
2 years. After that, the cabinet was moved to various stores and was manned by volunteers. The collection moved in 1920 to the Laclede County Courthouse and there it remained until 1936. A Library tax was passed in 1938, and on June 6 of that year the Lebanon Public Library was opened with Mrs. Charlotte Bass as the Librarian. In 1951 the Lebanon Public Library opened it's doors to a newly constructed building at 135 Harwood. In 1961 the Lebanon Public Library and the Laclede County Library merged, creating a new City-County Library. Shortly after that a regional system was started, creating Kinderhook Regional Library. The Regional system continued for many years until 2000, when we became Lebanon-Laclede County Library. We remained at the Harwood location until 2004, when the collection was then moved to our present location.